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  • Author Susan Winters
  • Published September 17, 2011
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The world that we live in today is on the fast track. People living in today's times have become business minded, and judge everything in terms of money. But along with such people, there are also those who have shown an increasing interest in social work. At present it is being carried out by not only individuals, but also by groups and organizations. In fact there are organizations that have allocated special funds for social work. Apart from this, several pressure groups have also come into existence, which monitor groups and organizations so that they do not carry out unethical activities that can be a source of direct or indirect harm to humanity.

There are many who weigh the benefits of working for others, by spending not only their money but also their time. Some consider it meaningless, whereas, for others it is a source of eternal satisfaction. Many of us residing in our luxurious and comfortable houses have closed our eyes to the hunger and the war that is raging outside. But those who have kept their eyes open and want to participate in social work, know they will get satisfaction from helping others and will live their life without regret.

It would not be wrong to say that social work helps to create a balance in society. It helps in the provision of welfare services to all on equality basis. Further, it helps in the reduction of social disputes and pressures, which at times is the source of businesses coming to a stand still for days, as the general public is in constant conflict with the government. Social work aids in the provision of goods and necessities to all. This helps in maintaining not only peace, but also contentment amongst the individuals.

The number of social workers has increased in the past several years and is increasing every day. This is one platform where individuals belonging to different backgrounds and experiences come together to make this world a better place to live in. They carry out tasks like educating underprivileged kids, working in hospitals and day care centers etc.

Briefly put, no one can measure the importance of social work. A disaster in one nation, leads to the unification of the entire world to assist them in any way that they can. This is when one sees what social work is!

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