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  • Published September 21, 2011
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After your Santa Barbara wedding ceremony is finished you will have gained a wonderful memory, pictures of the key moments of the day, a dress to preserve, a bill or two and your new loving spouse. Off you go on the honeymoon, for fun, food and marital bliss. Odds are your first married squabble will happen during your honey moon.

Your first argument will not be over sex, nor food, it won’t be over the remote control, nope; it will be revolve around to the differences of your two memories regarding your wedding day! Your memory is usually somewhat dependable, right? Not on your wedding day! The day goes by in a blur. There’s a great deal of activity taking place on a wedding day and one can't possibly see it all or remember all that that they see!

For many, their wedding in Santa Barbara starts at the home or resort where hairstylist and makeup artist begin transforming the women into a bride with a not so quick hair up-do and makeup. Once the dress is securely on and "the walk" is sufficiently practiced it’s off to the ceremony.

With the ceremony about to begin, a flood of emotions will reveal a vulnerability which comes to most who will make a public proclamation such as "I do". The emotions flowing freely around the room are why persons viewing the same thing, see it differently. Wedding ceremonies are full of people reminiscing, crying, reflecting, laughing, worrying and having a wonderful time supporting the union of their family member, friend or associate. Following the ceremony, the emotions take another turn "I did . . . we did it", hugs kisses and best wishes are showered upon you. Congratulations are coming from 360 degrees of well wishers and picture takers. A lot of pictures, everyone has a cell phone or digital camera at the ready. Next the professional photographer will want to make magic and take picture perfect poses of the wedding party. Did I mention it is perfect day for a wedding in Santa Barbara, the sun is shining and the breeze off the ocean is keeping the temperature at a mild 74 degrees?

Now it’s off to the reception, where the traditional and perhaps not so traditional will occur, first dance, Champaign toast, a money dance, chair dance, daughter father dance, mother son you get the idea. A lot happens on your wedding day and you can't possibly see it all or remember all that you see.

This is why videography should be given a high priority within a wedding budget. A wedding film is going to preserve the day in ways you cannot imagine. Wedding films will bring years of enjoyment. Your first viewings with friends and family are fun events. View your Santa Barbara wedding as it was and not how you remember it.

A wedding film takes on a new life once the children of a couple are old enough to view and understand what they are watching. An all new importance is gained once grandchildren come of age and are curious about family heritage. One properly produced wedding film will in time, become a priceless family memento. A wedding film will captures a special day and chronicles a small part of a family’s history. Future generations can use family wedding videos to help build a family tree. How much would you pay to see you grandparents or great-grandparents marry and partying afterwards?

Mash Reed is a freelance writer and contributes to and the television program Wedding Trends and Traditions.

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