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Hospitality simply means an effort to please and make others happy. Hospitality jobs had been in demand right from the beginning. Customer satisfaction is one of the goals that an organization wish to achieve and it is possible only through hospitality.

The hospitality sector comprises services in the hotels, lodges, motels, resorts, cruises, restaurants, spas, cafeteria’s and other such places of enjoyment and recreation. The person performing such jobs should possess a mixture of intelligence, patience, tolerance, and a pleasing personality. He should have full respect for the rules and regulations and at the same time must be in his best behavior always. To start with, the housekeeping service is liable for any kind of customer dissatisfaction and complaints. The security of the boarders, and keeping up to their whims and fancies can be a very mind tormenting job for the hospitality department. The post of a front house manager looks after the entire administration of his work place and the well being of the customers.

There are other jobs like the post of a chief executive chef, the head chef, the kitchen supervisor and the airline jobs which are almost based on hospitality services. For instance, the job of an air hostess or a cabin crew is to ensure the safety of the passengers, see to their requirements if any and help them to have a carefree and pleasurable ride. They are at times subjected to humiliation and insults and it is their full responsibility to penalize for their actions. The burden of comforting and cheering their customers is always in their mind and thus they require keeping their mind cool in order to carry out their services.

Hospitality services are not just confined to these few areas, but it is also prevalent in the business field. A receptionist is employed in every business organization so that the client’s of that company are received with full respect and kindness. They recruit administrative heads who may arrange for royal treats and stays for those prestigious client’s of the company. The numerous amounts of jobs that are being offered by the hospitality sector have led to the emergence of management degrees provided by many prestigious educational institutions. Unlike earlier times, hotel and hospitality management have gained immense popularity in these days. The salaries too have become more than satisfactory and people in this field draw a lump sum amount of money as their allowances.

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