Sky lanterns and their increasing use at weddings


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  • Published October 16, 2011
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Sky lanterns are becoming increasingly popular at weddings these days. Delicately crafted of paper, bamboo sticks, and small amount of flammable matter, these are extremely beautiful and bring forth a spectacular illumination in the sky. People buy sky lanterns to add a touch of magic and romance to the most special event of their life. The picturesque sight that is being created by these unique fireworks helps make the whole event memorable for everyone present at the wedding.

The rare sight where several lighted lamps float off into the sky leaves the guests spell-bound and gasping out of excitement. Sky lanterns are believed to be the carriers of special blessing from the loved ones and from God. Because of this, they are often called wish lanterns. People write good luck messages onto them and release them into the air with the intention of bringing happiness and luck into the life of the newly weds.

Yet another reason why most people prefer sky lantern over other fireworks is that they are silent and do not cause any disturbance to people living nearby. Also, there are lot of wedding venues that do not permit use of noisy and loud fireworks inside their premises. For those who want their wedding to be a quiet peaceful affair, sky lanterns are the perfect option.

Since sky lantern does not involve any explosives, they are lot safer to use. One need not worry about the sky lantern firing off in to different directions and causing injuries to people since they gently float off in the sky and the only thing that burns is the small piece of cardboard which too produces a small naked flame.

Sky lanterns are popular amongst environmentally-friendly people too. They are made out of rice paper and very thin wire that dissolves and rusts away over time, without adding any injurious substances into the environment. As they are fully biodegradable, people are able to add fun and excitement to their wedding without affecting the environment at all.

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