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  • Published October 19, 2011
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Top quality wedding images create a unique record of your day as it unfolds. High on the list of wedding planning priorities is finding a photographer who will capture pictures that will tell the story of that day, with all its shared emotions and treasured memories.

Here are some guidelines for comparing potential candidates:

Sussex Wedding photographers offer a wide range of personalized services, and price may not always be the best criterion. You will need to see their work and find out if you feel comfortable with the person who will be responsible for recreating your day and capturing those special moments.

They should offer a service that goes beyond getting the right mix of casual and formal shots, or spotting great photo opportunities on the day. When making enquiries, talk to the photographer about their follow up service. Modern editing software can improve the shot, and enables the professional photographer to display artistic creativity, lifting good photographs into amazing ones.

As with any business, professional time is one of the most costly components of the price quoted. How much a photographer charges for his/her time depends on their experience and reputation, the equipment used and the extras that come with your package.

On the day, some wedding studios have an assistant working with them, whilst others may be able to provide two photographers to more completely document your day. The follow up service can involve wedding photographers in hours of editing and assembling your proof album, while others simply present the bride with rolls of film or a handful of pictures*. There is also the possibility of a private on-line web site for your distant friends and relatives. A total wedding photography package may take more than 40 hours to assemble, depending on what the couple require.

A good Sussex Wedding photographer aims, in the initial consultation, to understand how you wish to schedule your day. This will have an obvious impact on the cost element, especially when there is an early start wedding and the couple wish to include the evening event in his remit. Running through the schedule at this early stage may actually help you to focus on how you intend your day to be co-ordinated - after all, an experience photographer has seen what works smoothly and what doesn’t.

Once you have decided on your photographer, make sure that they understand any specific wishes you and your partner have. They will need to know who of anyone whose presence at the wedding is particularly important, what family and friends will be attending, and any priorities in terms of being featured in the photography.

These factors help to explain the many variables of time and effort which comprise the cost of the packages on offer. Yet the key issue is whether the photographer you choose has talent, skill, and experience. The aesthetic and technical quality of your wedding images is not something to be left to chance.

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