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Good Interview Questions

Before going into the interview, write down several questions that you need answered. Remember never to interrupt the interviewer as during the course of the conversation, a number of the questions that you have may be answered. Good interview questions demonstrate that you are interested in the organization/position. These interview questions will also help the hiring manager determine if you are a good fit for the position.

Never ask interview questions about benefits, salary, vacation time, or bonuses. If it is brought up by the hiring manager, then it is OK to discuss. If not, wait until you find out if you are going to be moving forward in the process. These types of interview questions are focused on what the company is going to do for you. The hiring manager is more interested in what you are going to do for the company. These types of interview questions should be asked when you have moved far enough in the process to know that you are getting the offer.

Good Interview Questions You Could Ask

Why is this position open?

Who are your major competitors? How do their products compare to yours?

What kind of market share does your organization have compared to your competitors?

How many times has this position been filled in the last 3 or 5 years? Why is that?

What are the company’s greatest strengths?

What are the company’s greatest weaknesses?

What would you like done differently by the next person that accepts this position?

Can you share with me the organizational structure of the department?

How does this position fit into the overall organization?

What is the typical day/week like for a person in this position?

What is the corporate culture like?

What are the short/long term objectives you would like to see completed?

What are the company’s goals for the next 5 or 10 years?

What are some of the more difficult problems this position will have to deal with?

What type of support will this position receive in terms of financing, co-workers, etc.?

Could you please tell me about your management style?

What type of training does the organization provide?

What kind of freedom would I have in determining my work objectives and deadlines?

What are your performance benchmarks for the first 90 days, 6 months and one year?

How would you describe a successful person in this position?

What are the three main qualities you are looking for in a candidate?

Do you see any significant changes for the company in the near future? Down the road?

Do you have any questions or concerns about me in this position?

How is the person in this position evaluated?

How do I compare against other candidates you have interviewed?

If the person in this position is successful, where do you see this person in 3 years? 5 years?

What is the next step in the interview process?

How quickly do you hope to make a hiring decision?

When should I expect to hear from you?

How soon would you like me to start?

These are just some sample interview questions that you may ask. We will be adding more at a later time.

Now that you have some interview questions to ask, maybe you would like to see more information on Salary Negotiation or our Resume How To Guide.

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