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  • Published November 1, 2011
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The trend in the wedding industry is GREEN! Brides interested in this popular style can create a beautiful, simple and elegant wedding and reception by selecting like-minded consultants and caterers, reusing and using less with an eye toward conservation. Everything from organic, sustainable foods and cocktails to flowers and scene-setting rentals are trending in a ‘green’ direction.

Surveys show that 78 percent of American consumers value regional and local foods. A growing number of Americans are thinking about health, taste and preserving our rural landscape when selecting foods. Brides are seeking caterers that can incorporate dishes that are inspired by and feature fresh local ingredients. Embracing this concept, Paul Martin’s American Bistro, an organic restaurant, believes it’s their responsibility to bring these values into the kitchen. At the heart of the restaurant’s great food is fresh, local, and peak of the season ingredients. Paul Martin’s aims to take guests back to the farm with meat raised in a humane way, produce that is locally sourced and organic, the best of both wild and farmed fish and local artisan cheeses. Paul Martin’s even carries this concept to the bar by creating signature cocktails utilizing fresh seasonal fruits, infused into vodka martinis and a huge selection of California wines. Paul Martin’s wedding coordinator works personally with brides to customize food and beverage selections for their special day that reflect their commitment to the freshest ingredients and expertly prepared dishes.

When planning table settings, brides can take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors by serving meals Al Fresco style at each table using sustainable fabrics and foods to create visually interesting and delicious presentations. Natural woven table linens, disposable and compostable tableware from Bamboo Studio (, as well as locally grown organic foods are being paired together at more and more events. These sustainable themes work beautifully for both casual and elegant weddings. Finish the table off with a beautiful glass water pitcher filled with fresh sliced fruit instead of bottled water.

Emily King at Classic Party Rentals suggest "accentuating natural elements with small splashes of polished elegance, such as modern metal centerpieces, upgraded Chameleon chairs, and buttlered champagne glasses and hors d’oeuvres plates, to lend toward a theme of rustic country chic." Brides can keep in mind that rentals are inherently good for the environment as they’re reusable. Classic Party Rentals is working on implementing more comprehensive recycling and energy and water efficiency programs to add to their overall sustainability.

Brides are becoming more creative utilizing green elements such as recycled wine bottles as flower vases filled with free flowing wildflowers. Potted plants and trees can replace expensive imported cut flowers, adding a natural beauty to the wedding or reception setting. Aside from the positive environmental impact, the value of this trend is that there are no conformed styles. Imagination and creativity can result in the creation of your own signature style by sourcing from what is available to you and applying your own unique ideas.

From flowers and linens to food, the modern bride is likely to agree with the mantra of Paul Martin’s American Bistro - "Eat organic. Believe in sustainable. Buy local. Love fresh!"


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Paul Martin’s American Bistro – an Organic Restaurant and Caterer, true to their belief of "Eat organic. Believe in sustainable. Buy local. Love fresh." Paul Martin’s is committed to using the best local, all-natural and organic ingredients with peak-of-the-season freshness. From classic elegance to rustic sophistication, we'll customize a menu to suit your tastes and occasion.

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