Important Tips For Finding A Job In A Tough Job Market


  • Author Sherri Davis-Garner
  • Published November 6, 2011
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There are some new employment realities in town.

Reality #1: It is not only important to know someone who knows someone who is hiring; it is important to be able to be the best and make the best impression when you get that first interview.

Reality #2: More than likely, you will have only one opportunity to WOW someone when you email, talk or meet your interviewer for the first time. In a global economy, you’ve got to get it right! Why? The competition for any job has become fierce. You are no longer competing with people in your backyard, city, state or country. You are competing with people throughout the world.

Reality #3: When you are interviewing, you have to know how to package your qualifications, your skills, and how you speak about how you can make something better for your prospective employer. You’ve got to walk in the door communicating how you can increase or decrease something. How you can add or eliminate something. You have to present yourself as a problem solver in a competitive world where there are plenty of problems.

Your first impression better be your best impression so that it is the lasting impression that stays on the mind of the interviewer. There is a famous statement that says, "Your best impression may be your last impression." Prior to your interview, you have to think of verbal and non-verbal WOW impressions! . Here are some smart solutions that are impressive WOW impressions:

  1. First Smart Solution: Don’t waste resume space time describing what you are looking for in a career. If you are applying for a job, it is obvious what you are looking for…the job for which you have applied. So often I see resumes where people write one quarter of a page describing the perfect job that they are seeking. Spend your space time under your employment section mentioning how you have saved or made money for the company. Describe how you did something better. Note how well you managed time, people a budget and/or a department. Impress your interviewer on how you made changes for the better.

  2. Second Smart Solution: There is one thing that you need to remember about interviewing. The interviewer is asking you questions to learn who you are (personality), how you think (if you a good fit for the team or business unit), and if you are who you say you are (credibility). Consequently, you have to tell your story in each question that you answer. There is no time to be a wilting flower or be shy. You have to communicate that you are the BEST person for the job by convincing the interviewer that you have the right skills, the right work ethic, the right personality, and you would be the best at doing the job. You’ve got to leave the interviewer believing that there is no one better than you!

  3. Third Smart Solution: If you land the interview, close the deal! You close the deal by knowing how to have the conversation. Whether the interview is by phone, in person or s through technology, what you say and how you say it is what can make or break your chance for being hired. If your interviewer can see you, dress for your next job. Don’t be casual…be dressed for success. I am from the mindset that you can’t go wrong in a suit or coordinated suit-like clothing. Remember, part of non-verbal communication is what a person can see. Secondly, view the interview as an opportunity to tell your story. You have to communicate through verbal and non-verbal cues that you have good energy. An employer wants to hire a person who wants to do the job. They are looking for people who can believe in what they do. Lastly, when asked if you have any questions for the interview, ask smart questions. Don’t ask about money. Spend your time inquiring about the career path of the company. Ask if there are growth opportunities. And, then ask when the company will make their hiring decision.

Remember your first impression may be your only impression and you’ve got to get it right on your first trip! Communicate that you are the best person to do the job by showing your interviewer that you have the right skills, the best personality, and perfect energy to get the job done well.

Sherri Davis-Garner is a certified executive, leadership and life coach who helps clients to close the gap between where they are currently in their life and where they desire to be in their business, career, and personal lives. Learn more about how Sherri can assist you in Styling Your Life by visiting [](

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