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  • Published November 15, 2011
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More and more couples decide to travel for a wedding.Take after the wedding ceremony and take a bow.Both follow the example of the increasing number of German couples. Her biggest wish: to escape to the Wedding trubel at home and far prefer to be married, individually and often in the smallest circle. Although the total number of civil marriages in recent years has been a sharp drop in the proportion of couples has risen sharply, giving her vows in exotic destinations. Experts estimated that currently provide yearly more than 20,000 German couples tie the knot during a holiday trip.

Complicate matters the first formal way to the distant marital bliss. Where do you get a certificate-for marriage certificate? And what is an "apostille"? A handful of German specialist tour operator is now pairs with advice and practical help. The professionals take over all the important preparations and carry out the administrative procedures at the destination. The newlyweds left their wedding next time, enjoy the honeymoon. It extends the range from the simple ceremony to complete honeymoon.

In the most popular travel destinations enterprising hoteliers already offer the wedding under palm trees as it would be another all-inclusive - performance. Mauritius is now about something like that Las Vegas has become in the Indian Ocean, followed by Thailand and the Caribbean. Whose beach is too traditional romance or looking for a different way impressive framework, is also already received offers to dog sledding in Alaska or the wedding ceremony in the Arabian desert near Dubai. Conceivable times, lots of photos of

Wedding Gowns in the desert before making sunset. This is definitely a life-long impression.

Although the ceremony in the local registry office is next to nothing, but if the same performance cost in the South African city of Cape Town Dream 400 € scarce, many couples answer the question "can we afford it?" In favor of an overseas wedding.Especially as the honeymoon is often done so already and save even bother to organize the wedding party at home can be.

Birth certificate or certificate of no impediment put in the registration office to home; often as international documents. So the sooner the necessary translations and certifications are often superfluous.Couples should ensure that their package includes a wedding abroad, obtaining all necessary marriage documents. It is strongly advised against, you have to enter at the cottage itself, since the conditions obtaining in many countries, more paperwork.

The most competent advice to offer tour operators, specializing in weddings abroad and build their arrangements in each trip. There will also help interested couples with complex situations - for example previously been divorced for engaged couples.

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