The Social Work Industry - From Government Jobs To Volunteer Services


  • Author Susan Mathisen
  • Published November 20, 2011
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Many people are confused with the term social worker and their responsibilities. All the activities and tasks related to social welfare are handled by government, private organizations, NGOs or individuals. They handle the matters of family services, emergency services, counseling and other welfare. Often people believe that workers visit children and help them out, or assist people so that they can spend life in a better way. No matter that people think, the roles of social workers are vast and they can help their fellow beings in multiple ways. You might have performed some social activities by offering your volunteer services at food bank or blood bank.

There are many jobs that can allow you to do social tasks such as counseling in summer camps, joining old age centers or medical centers. In order to become a professional social worker, however, you are required to get a bachelors or even a master's degree also known as BSW and MSW. After getting a degree in the required field, you would be able to get a better job position and salary, similar to other careers, such as teaching or business. For example, a prison social worker can play a great role and work in a positive way, by providing counseling services to the prisoners. If you are the one who want to see prisoners as a productive element of society, then you can play your role for the welfare of the prisoners. You can get unlimited opportunities to perform social tasks, if you work as a volunteer.

The field of social work needs great attention, as there are few workers who can help the needy. You can opt for this field, to make deserving people the most productive and respectable citizens of the society. You need to think about the opportunities of help and getting long-lasting satisfaction after helping others. This feeling will motivate you to work with dedication and motivation. Those who have great concern for human beings and their welfare can perform all kinds of social tasks as a volunteer. The first important thing that a worker needs to accomplish social tasks is the power and strength to focus on problems of others. This means the worker needs to believe in himself, and try to solve the problems of people, understanding them and make plans, and take measures to help them. By doing so, they motivate people to bring positive changes in the community.

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