What Does It Mean To Be A Social Worker?


  • Author Susan Mathisen
  • Published November 22, 2011
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Individuals tend to face various issues with the span of time, which can be related to one's personal life, extended family or at times, health-related as well. If progressing towards the negative side of life, these can have quite a potentially annihilating impact on one's well-being. The responsibility of a social worker means coping with all such negative energies and enforcing on these an overwhelmingly positive force. This is quite a challenging task which is countered by the specialist skills of a human welfare worker only.

Being a social welfare professional means an individual harbors a sincere and passionate spirit to serve mankind and steer its way towards progress, improvement and betterment. In the realm of social welfare, there are multiple areas that can be specialized in. Since all individuals endowed with the responsibility of social development have some task obligations at hand, it is important for them to be well-aware of the challenge they need to probe into.

What is quite interesting about social work is that, it is not necessary to explore issues prevalent in external fields. There are families and children who facing abusive issues and are physically or mentally neglected. Social welfare employees make every effort to remove any worsening force existing in society and assist any individual for a variety of personal, and emotional needs they have.

Individuals from the social staff also offer counseling services that can prove to be quite beneficial for anyone requiring indirect catharsis. This saves one from deteriorating health, physically and psychologically. Also, it emphasizes one's social networking skills and thus, anyone who receives proper counseling is able to network properly in the community. This is likely to give rise to better employment opportunities, and stable life scale.

There are some who require assistance with chronic disease and illnesses and hence, localizing medical awareness helps fight mortality. Awareness on the part of the common man is indicative of the fact that education is likely to prevail better in the society. Know-how of what is good and what bad, what is progressive and what is annihilating is what brings about a drastic change in society: a product of social work.

Thus, becoming an individual involved in human and social welfare activities on a professional scale means you have to be primarily be clear what field you want to pursue and you need to have an innate, thriving feeling to serve mankind for good.

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