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Wedding photographers, unlike other type of photographer carries a greater responsibility of delivering quality wedding photos that the wedding couple will love. Hence, wedding photographers should take their work seriously. When perfect wedding moments are captured, the feelings and emotions of that special day will be immortalized forever through photos. Ergo, your job as a wedding photographer is to take great wedding photos that give justice to that special day. To help you out, here are some ideas on how to capture great wedding photos.

Look for little moments. Those are priceless moments which are likely going to happen in a wedding day. Yes, they are little but it will mean a lot to the couple through their wedding years especially every time they would reminisce their wedding day. Those are moments when the mother of the bride dropped a little tear, the look of a proud father, the chuckle of the bridesmaids, the priceless smile of the bride as the wedding ring is put on her finger by the groom, those little flower girls whispering at each other or those who are looking to someone during a speech. Being a great wedding photographer is to take photos standing back and letting the day unfold, have the confidence to know that the pictures will come to you. Some photographers out there may feel hesitant about not getting the perfect moment when to take a shot. But never worry, just trust your ability to get it and prove that pictures really paint a thousand words.

As much as possible be unobtrusive. Keep low and be the overall watch of the day’s happenings. Keep in mind that weddings are usually crowded so you really have to choose what lens you will use for a particular wedding. This is because lenses will affect how you would take your snap shots.

While long lens can be great for a garden wedding, they are not the ultimate tool for capturing people shoulder to shoulder, trying to get a glance at the bride’s sparkly ring. If you want a quality shot just choose a flattering 50-millimeter lens. With this kind of camera you could take a lot of pictures in angles which you cannot capture using wide-angled cameras. You should also prepare for a low light camera setting. Setting your camera’s light sensitivity – the ISO – as high as you can without getting too much speckled "noise" in your images.

Next. You have to move fast. By moving fast I also mean you have to be alert. Notice everything and capture it when it’s worth capturing. Remember, real wedding moments happens fast and you have to be there on the right time to capture it or it is lost forever. Yes, you should take classic group shots and solo shots but capturing unexpected moments are the best. But then, if you lost a supposed-to-be-great-wedding-moment do not ask them to do it again. To force them out to do it again is out of the question. Put in mind, real moments are not forced. Let it go, just stand by and look for another one.

Use a flash, only when necessary. And when you use a flash do not point it directly to the persons but instead have it bounce off a wall (30 feet away) for you to have a painterly affect. Using a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV will be a good decision. For example, it adjusts the flash for the right exposure and the camera analyzes white balance, so that light bounced off a red wall won’t tint the bride’s white dress pink.

Edit carefully and photoshop lightly. Remember you are to capture real unexpected moments and the photo will not look real if you edited a lot and used photoshop on it. Most of the best wedding photos are those which are not edited through photoshop. Use photoshop only if it is really necessary. It’s a real masterpiece if you just would print out those photos as if they are for real. It takes hard work and patience to take great wedding photos, but then remember they chose you because they believe in you. Just relax and capture the best wedding photos ever!

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