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  • Published January 3, 2012
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Wedding photography London As a keen photographer, London as a city offers many interesting opportunities. There is a mixture of past and present architecture, combined with the busy life of Londoners, tourists and birds. For this photography trip I choose to visit the heart of the city (and the country), have a quick tour through Theater land, after which I walked part of the Thames path, before ending the day with a great dinner around Covent Garden. After arriving at Paddington station, the quickest way to get to Westminster was by underground. Affordable wedding photography As it was relatively early, I had hoped for an easy journey. But it seemed many people had the same idea, probably driven by the school holiday, which meant the underground was crowded.

The first thing you see when you get out of the tube station is St Stephens Tower with Big Ben hidden inside. It is funny to see how many people take the same type of picture. Wedding photography London Stand far in front of the Tower and try to "catch" it in your hand, between your fingers or between people. Deciding to take advantage of the relatively dry weather, the first real attraction to see was the London Eye. Affordable wedding photography There are many attractions between Westminster Bridge and the London Eye, like the Dali Universe, Fright Club, London Aquarium, Movieum (Movie museum), Jubilee Gardens and of course the London Eye itself. This meant a lot of activity, whereby the different attractions try to get you into their premises. It gives some great amusement, especially when someone is not aware they are being followed by a "zombie". For today I choose to stay outside.

It is no wonder the London Eye is such a tourist attraction. Wedding photography London It is beautifully built and the closer you come towards it the more amazing it looks. Although originally only planned as a temporary attraction to mark the change of the century, I am glad that the government agreed on a permanent lease. It is a masterpiece of engineering, using the knowledge and sources from across Europe to build it. Affordable wedding photography It would be really a shame if it would go. The cable support box at the base of the London Eye is a glass exhibition box. As it is close to Halloween, the box was filled with suitable forest scenery, including a green toxic pond, owls, rats and many other creatures. The surrounding trees were all decorated in similar style.

Walking back towards Westminster Bridge we come across a pirate skeleton in front of the Movieum. Wedding photography London Taking pictures of it I suddenly realized what is behind it in my view - the Houses of Parliament! Now I am not sure if the people of the Movieum did this on purpose, but it seems quite appropriate after the pre summer stories on British MP expenses. Affordable wedding photography From the bridge we walked towards Westminster Abbey. On our path we come across some amazing Red phone boxes.

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