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  • Author Tess Tackett
  • Published January 4, 2012
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SEO content writing is one aspect of marketing that is essential for any successful online business. Wait - writing isn't marketing, is it? Absolutely. Think about it for a moment; the internet is made of content. Your web pages are your online store, where those looking for your product or services "window shop," so to speak. If your content is lacking, potential customers aren't going to hang around for long! Can you do your own SEO content writing? You can, but first you need to understand:

How to use keywords in SEO content writing

This is where many that are new to the internet world give up. Keyword optimization is something that the average person doesn't understand, but in order for your visitors and search engines to find you, your content must be well optimized. This means website pages, blog posts, articles - everything. All of the "real estate" you have floating around in cyberspace should be well optimized, but not keyword "stuffed."

Keywords should be sprinkled throughout your content, generally once or twice for each hundred words of content. However, it is also important to keep LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing in mind to have real success with your content. This is simply a "second layer" if you will of keywords that help search engines know what your website is all about. For example, suppose you are talking about corn stalks on your website. Without surrounding content that makes it clear you are talking about corn, a search engine may interpret the word "stalks" as someone who is stalking another person. Make sense?

In writing content, knowledge of SEO is essential

As an online business owner or someone who is thinking of starting a business, do you have a thorough understanding of SEO, or search engine optimization? If you do not, it isn't likely that your website, articles, blog posts and other real estate will ever be found. What good is a website, if those who need your product/service never find it? Unless you understand how to write content using keywords and phrases properly within titles, headings, paragraphs, etc., you really need to outsource this essential aspect of your success to someone who is skilled in writing this way.

There is a delicate balance that must be achieved when writing SEO content; too many keywords, and the search engines will look at it as keyword spam. Too few, and you're likely to drown in The Sea of a Billion Websites. What about you? Do you have what it takes to write content that your visitors and search engines will love, and that will help propel your business to the top of the competition? While SEO content writing services aren't free, you will find the benefits well worth the expense, considering that without 100% original, well-written pages your website, articles and other written works will likely never be found.

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