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  • Published January 22, 2012
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Wedding means taking a decision by a grown-up man and woman to live together under the religious binding. So, wedding in a man’s and a woman’s life is the most memorable event, that remains ever-lived in his and her memory till death. Although the chief urge for getting wedded is to satisfy the couple’s sexual caprice initially, but the ultimate aim is also to create a family life, of which children are the nucleus. Thus, a man and a woman create a family of their own, which remains together through a strong bond of relationship of blood.

Marriage is said to be one of the oldest institutions of the human civilization. In ancient times, man has instituted the marriage system mainly for creating his own clan and tribe, for the sake of economic reasons and also for defending himself and his other close and distant relatives, from the attacks of wild animals as well as other stronger and powerful savage people. This they had to do also for immortalizing their names through their descendents. Man’s that age-old hope and aspiration, still persists in unabatedly, however with or without a lot of modifications.

Another important aim and object of getting wedded and creating a family of his/her legitimate children under the religious binding, was to make their sons and daughters and also other close kiths and kin legal heirs and inheritors of their property. So, it is a must for a man and a woman to get married under the religious binding, without which, he/she and their children will never be entitled to the property of the family they belong to or come from, unless the state constitution guarantees the ownership of the property to its legal owner/owners.

However, now a days the happy and strong bond of marriage has loosened considerably, particularly in the Western World. And this tendency is ever growing in the Eastern World also. In fact, the economic, political, diplomatic, military and the last but not the least cultural influence and invasion of the powerful nations of the West has greatly overtaken the economically, politically, diplomatically and militarily weaker nations of the Third World. Religious bindings and injunctions are now a days too weak to make the modern educated and enlightened people listen to it. People now a days want to enjoy life to its full brim, in whatever legal or illegal ways and manners it is possible to enjoy. Sexual enjoyment being the top most of all the worldly enjoyments, both man and woman indulge themselves indiscriminately in this worldly as well as perhaps heavenly too, pleasures, bothering little about religion, family life, children, which had been being the top most traditional values even during the reign of the Great Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain (1819-1901).

Last but not the least, in order to uphold the traditional values of human life, marriage as one of the most important institutions of mankind, must stay, as it has been staying in the human society since time immemorial; otherwise once in the long run, mankind will have to repent for its utter negligence to such a valuable institution.

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