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  • Published January 19, 2012
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Almost daily we are asked about how to get into the Mines in Australia. The common perception is that there is big money to be made and almost everyone knows someone who is apparently making large amounts on a weekly basis.

The questions generally range as follows:

Where can I work?

What kind of money will I make?

Can I fly in and fly out?

What tickets do I need?

The truth is that unless you have serious contacts in the sector - NO ONE can guarantee you a mining job - you need to be aware that with opportunity comes exposure - exposure to unscrupulous people who will happily take your money and provide no real assistance other than a course (Which may not be what you require for a particular area) or a resume that won’t even see the light of day.

Courses and resumes are vital however let’s all keep our heads on this and therefore ensure that you are getting the right advice and direction - after all it’s your future and your money.

How do we know? - Research and experience - we were providing resumes and career assistance long before the recent Mining boom - and we will be doing the same long after.

Australia has mining activity in all of its States and Territories.

Particularly significant areas today include the Goldfields, Peel and Pilbara regions of Western Australia, the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, the Bowen Basin in Queensland and Latrobe Valley in Victoria and various parts of the outback.

Places such as Kalgoorlie, Mount Isa, Mount Morgan, Broken Hill and Coober Pedy are known as mining towns.

Major active mines in Australia include:

Olympic Dam in South Australia, a copper, silver and uranium mine believed to have the world's largest uranium resource.

Super Pit gold mine, which has replaced a number of underground mines Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

To work in Queensland mines you need the following:

 Generic Coal Mine Induction

 Coal Board Medical

There are three training options.

  1. Underground generic passport

  2. Surface generic passport

  3. Underground and Surface generic passport

The generic passport courses cover general safety for working in the mining environment. This covers areas such as identifying and managing hazards, rules and regulations regarding traffic and equipment operation, and advanced training in first aid and firefighting.

You may also need other courses depending on the particular Company or Mine Site which can include:

 First Aid Certificate

 SGS Induction - for BMA Sites

 Heavy Rigid Truck Licence

To work in Western Australian mines you need the following:

 MARCSTA (General Safety Induction)

 Pre-Employment Medical

 Police Clearance

 First Aid Certificate

No other State or Territory has the specific requirements like Queensland & Western Australia however there are some things to keep in mind.

I. The Generic Induction course will allow you to work in any mine in Australia. Everyone is required to have this certification when working in the mines.

II. A First Aid Certificate including CPR will be a vital component that is required.

III. BMA are also in other States so you will need the SGS Induction for BMA Sites.

IV. Heavy Rigid Truck Licence as stated previously is entirely up to you just remember the for and against table.

V. Mine Medical - you will need a medical regardless of the mine site.

Keep in mind that research is always best before parting with your money.

We have already completed the research so if you want to save time our eBook is available at the linked website for $14.95 - it will certainly put you in the right direction and has many contacts for the Mining Sector contained within.

Good luck with your mining employment and remember to always look before you leap.

Ian Waller BSc (Psych), Ex-Government Panel Member has over 23 years experience in Government Sectors - Federal and State areas. He is currently the General Manager of a multi-million dollar organisation and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, extensive experience in reviewing, writing and amending resumes for Government and Private sectors, is an assessor in Workplace Health and Safety & previous Career Planning Mentor for large State Government organisation.

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