Letting Go of Everything That Is Not You


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  • Published January 28, 2012
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Human beings are prone to feelings of uncertainty from time to time. Some of us experience these qualms only occasionally whilst for others it is an almost perpetual state. If you fall within the latter category then you will appreciate that this feeling is rather uncomfortable to say the least.

Nobody should have to live with this type of discomfort and there is no need to do so if you are willing to step back and examine what has made you how you are today. Your experience now is in fact the effect of the sum total of your beliefs and expectations. If your beliefs and expectations do not sit comfortably upon your shoulders then it is likely that they do not reflect who you really are.

In self-exploration, you might discover that your beliefs and expectations are struggling against your true nature and denying who you really are. Many of us harbor beliefs that are erroneous. Many of us have expectations that are based upon what we think others would like to see in us but are not reflective of our own true desires or beliefs.

So as to be true to yourself there comes a time when it is appropriate to let go of everything that is not you. Every human being is both molded and malleable to a great degree, but there comes a point where our own nature is no longer willing to be stretched or prodded into someone else's idea of conformity.

Many people are frightened though by the prospect of letting go of beliefs and expectations that they have harbored for so long. They are scared too of what other people might think of them. We are undeniably creatures who inherently crave approval. We fear loss of approval and loss of face, both of which are demonstrative of love. Love is the basic feeling that we most desire.

But unless we allow our true nature to shine through we will never have a true feeling of self-love. And unless we love ourselves, we will not be able to really believe that anyone else will love us either.

You can see the chicken and egg of this situation can't you? We cling to what approval we can get from others and are loath to let go of what we have for fear of losing out on that love, but in that very act of clinging on we deny our true nature and therefore deny ourselves of true love.

There is an additional fear. We worry about what our true nature really is. Who are you once those erroneous beliefs and false expectations are released? It is only by the act of stripping away those layers of beliefs and expectations that you will discover your true nature, your own uniqueness and individuality. In the act of releasing false thought processes you experience the freedom and joy of being true to yourself and comfortable in your own skin.

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