Be Happy By Dealing With Your True Feelings


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  • Published March 2, 2012
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I think it's important to deal with how you really feel at all times, and to admit that feeling. If you don't do this then you don't know whether or not you need to fix something in your life. Your feelings are what let you know if your life is going good or if it's going bad, and if you acknowledge your true feelings then you can take action on your life that will allow you to be happy.

I've never been one to hide my true feelings. I've always worn them on my sleeve and known exactly how I felt at any given time. But I haven't always dealt with my feelings and understood why I was having them. That's something I learned to do once I start to understand that my true feelings were an indication of how my life was going.

How you really feel right now is an indication of how happy you are, where you are in life, and where you are going in life. If you feel miserable and down then there is something wrong or something missing in your life. When you address that feeling of being miserable, and really dig to understand why you feel that way, then you can begin to take action to change what's making you feel miserable and allow yourself to be happy in life again.

So let your feelings flourish! Embrace them as they come in, good or bad, and let them tell you what step you need to take next in order to really be happy in life.

How to Deal With Your True Feelings

  1. Admit Your True Feelings

Look past the disguise that you have built for yourself and the world and find your true feelings. Are you mad, sad, anxious, or puzzled? What are you really feeling at this moment?

Don't try to feel something you are not feeling. If you want to feel happy but you actually feel sad then you have to admit that you feel sad. If you don't admit the truth then you are not being honest with yourself and you will not be able to work on the underlying cause that is making you sad.

  1. Figure Out Why You Feel That Way

Once you understand what you are feeling find the root cause of that feeling. For example, if you feel sad try and pinpoint exactly what caused you to feel sad. Was there a moment when the sadness started? Did someone do something or say something that made you feel bad? Were you focused on a particular event at that time? Try and pinpoint the exact moment your mood started to turn bad.

  1. Be True To Yourself

If you find out that the root cause of your sadness is something that you don't want to admit then try to remember that you can't run and hide from the reason or brush it off just because you don't want to deal with it. If you do that then you are not solving anything and your feelings are not going to change because the root problem is still there.

For example, if someone you love hurt your feelings and caused you to become sad then the only way to deal with that is to communicate with the person about how you feel or find another way to move past the hurt, anger, or sadness without looking back. You can't however just brush it aside because it will be there waiting for you to find again someday.

Whether you are hurt, embarrassed, nervous or happy, accept it and let it be a part of who you are. We are all human and we all have feelings like this, nobody is immune, so don't pretend like you are a superhero who doesn't feel certain things because that's not fair to yourself and your ability to be happy.

  1. Don't Try To Force Your Feelings to Go Away

It may take some time to get over your hurt, anger, or any other negative emotion that you are having. It may take some time to figure out exactly how to deal with it. Don't try to rush it or talk yourself into thinking everything is okay now. If it's not okay yet then that's okay! You may not deal with the feeling within a day, and that's alright.

Your feelings are not going to go away until you deal with the root issue that you have discovered caused them, and you may not know how to deal with them right away so they may hang around for a while.

Scour the internet, talk to people, read up on how to fix whatever issue you are having. Once you find a way to fix the root cause of your feelings you will be able to move past the feelings and they will go away very quickly. So take the time to really find a way to overcome your issue.

If you find yourself without the ability to be happy right now then go through these 4 steps and find out what's really going on inside of you. Be honest with yourself and your feelings and allow yourself to figure out a plan to heal that negative mood and continue on towards being happy.

And when you do feel good be thankful for that feeling. Do more of what caused that good feeling and allow yourself to feel it even more!

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Kari writes for Manifest Connection, a personal growth blog.

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