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If you're thinking about becoming a corrections officer, or you just want to find out more about this career than this short article will benefit you. In this article we'll go over the correctional officer job description, which includes educational requirements and much more.

The corrections criminal justice field consists of probation officers, parole officers, correctional officers and others. These types of jobs are often very challenging and stressful, however they can also be thrilling, and satisfying for those who choose these kinds of jobs.

Corrections officers are also called detention officers. Detention or correctional officers help to retain order and accountability among the inmates within the establishments where they work. For officers who work at pre trial facilities, as opposed to supervising inmates they are in charge of maintaining order amongst those who are awaiting trial.

Officers are in charge of nourishing, transferring, monitoring, searching, and controlling inmates. Officers manage these responsibilities via a number of automatic and manual interactions with prisoners.

Correctional officer positions are among one of the most extremely dangerous jobs one can have. Officers within this area of work possess some of the highest reported on-the-job and work related injuries throughout all professions. Officers must remain on high alert continually in order to maintain order, safeguard prisoners as well as their own safety. With this being said corrections officer careers require one to be in good physical and in sharp emotional shape.

Corrections officer prospects will need to have at the least a high school diploma while the most suitable candidates will posses a Four year college or university degree or diploma. A college or university degree in a related field like administration of justice, criminal justice, and so on are the best. Candidates must be a minimum of 18 to 21 years with respect to the facility; not be older than 37 years of age; not have any felony convictions.

A correctional officer salary is estimated to be about $40k annually, when calculating all corrections officer earnings across the United States. With regard to supervisors and managers the yearly salary is closer to $57,000 yearly.

Correctional officers working for the federal government earned slightly increased wages, but the requirements and experience required for acquiring these types of jobs is also slightly greater than those at the state level, roughly 3percent higher.

Along with their salary correctional officers in addition receive benefits. Corrections officers working in the public sector may also be provided an allowance to buy their clothing. Detention officers can generally stop working after having devoted 20 years of service when they reach the age of 50, as well as can retire at any age after having put in 25 years of service.

This article should have given you with a better idea of the duties done by a corrections officer on a day by day basis. Due to the aspects of the work as well as the dangers that exist this career is not for the faint of heart. Although it might not be the safest work one can possibly pursue, there is no absence of excitement daily. For additional information about this career you can visit the authors web-site.

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