First Step to Planning a Beautiful Wedding: A To Do List


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  • Published March 22, 2012
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"Where do I start?" is a common question bride-to-be ask. Then, having a wedding planner to help with everything seems like an expensive but necessary choice. This is not true at all. Yes it is true that planning a wedding is a lot of work, but the very first step to a smooth planning process is having the right to do list by your side. With a detailed and thorough list, all a bride needs to do is check off each item as she goes without worrying about the things that are missing.

Everyone has a different style and preference in planning a wedding. This is not just about the brides, it is also about the wedding party, guests, and vendors. Ultimately, though, it all comes down to time. How much time does the bride have to shop for and buy a dress? How much does "getting a dress" entail? Remember that it is not just one to do, but may errands under the same category. Getting a dress includes learning which style fits you best, what dress is appropriate for the venue, what your price range is, where to shop for one, and finally ordering and customizing one. Most wedding to do lists out there do not have this level of detail beyond "get wedding dress", so finding one that does is critical. Once this first step is planned for, everything else will feel like the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

To avoid a time crunch, the bride only has one choice in going about planning the wedding. It is crucial to be extremely organized and prepared, and to get started on the entire process as early as possible. Get a solid wedding to do list that outlines the to do’s in an understandable and fun fashion and includes every little task, then start at number one. The list should be extremely comprehensive, but not overly bulky with unnecessary tasks. The last thing a bride would want is to be discouraged to plan and organize when this is such a joyous and important part of her life.

There are lists out there for purchase or simple task-oriented lists available, but a list that possesses all the most important qualities is hard to find. Once the right one is located, it will become a best friend. Ability to inspire makes the list much more valuable than just an endless list of checkboxes with no categorization. Brides can benefit greatly from a list that helps them think and envision throughout the event planning process. Readability and ability to share are both important as the bride or planner needs to distribute this organized list to others involved, like wedding party, family, close friends, and vendors. Last but not least, flexibility is important because every wedding is unique and varied, so the list must be customizable for non-standard needs.

There really is no need to reinvent the wheel. There are lists out there that may already have all these qualities. Search for a good wedding to do list that has all these qualities listed and planning a wedding has never been so easy!

From a newlywed who wants to help make every bride's life easier!

The Wedding To Do List

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