How to build self confidence - 5 easy tips


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  • Published May 10, 2012
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To build self confidence you must be true to yourself. No one can give you self confidence. Confidence is an internal gratification, of which only you can award. Here are five ways you can build self confidence by being true and honest with yourself.

It’s Not What You Do it’s How You Do It!

When approaching everything in life, especially when learning how to build self confidence, your outlook will directly affect your outcome. Attack everything you want with the belief that you can do it an there is no way you can fail, then chances are, you have got one trophy with your name engraved in it before the race even starts. This goes with everything in life. Literally push the notion from your mind that failure is even a possibility. Talk to yourself; tell yourself you are awesome and that you can! Nothing anyone else says matters. All that matters is you.

Write a Journal of All Successes

Record every success you have, big or small in a journal and look back on that success when you start to feel your confidence slipping. This journal is your pep talk to help remind yourself how to build self confidence. In this journal include your thoughts about the achievement before and after. Also, record a reward you gave yourself for a job well done and ensure all of your successes have a reward that you give yourself. For example, if the objective is to get a job, you getting the job is not the reward. You need to celebrate completing the objective successfully.

Before You Make Any Decision, Ask Yourself What You Want

The best advice you need, to learn how to build self confidence is you need to control yourself to control your destiny. Do not let anyone pressure you or persuade you to make any decision. Even if you agree, you need to take a step back, take a breath, look at the facts objectively and ask yourself, what do you want?

Do What You Like to Do

You learn how to build self confidence by doing what you like to do. No matter what it is, you need to love it! It doesn't’t matter if anyone else on the planet likes what you like, as long as you like it, you can build objectives and complete them, thus gaining self confidence!

Do What You Like to Do Better Than Anyone Else and Do Not Be Modest!

All that matters is your opinion when learning how to build self confidence and you do what you like to do better than anyone else and when you have successes, tell the world! Life is full of challenges; ups and downs and insecurities. The only guaranteed relationship you have is with yourself, so make that relationship a great one!

I hope your found this article as interesting and empowering as I did when writing it.

Tim Lumsden is a recovering stutterer, is passionate about self confidence tips and knows how to build self confidence. To learn more please visit now!

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