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  • Published April 3, 2012
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The Asian wedding cake is not just a highlight of the wedding but is also a remembrance of your special day. While choosing your Asian wedding cake, you could do well to choose a design that goes well with the theme of your wedding and be worthy of the various photographs that will be taken of it. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while selecting your Asian wedding cake.

Choose the flavor and icing and also decide whether you want a traditional white or something more contemporary. You can also consider flowers and fruits to enhance the design. Your caterer or wedding planner can also help you decide what Asian wedding cake would best work with your theme and what is seasonably available.

Another option can be to match the Asian wedding cake with your wedding dress or the colors used in the décor. You may also like to take into account the scenery around the table where the Asian wedding cake would be placed.

Once you are clear about the type of Asian wedding cake you require, you can begin a search for the bakeries. The first place to look could be the bakeries or cake decorators in your local area. Check your wedding date for availability. Keep in mind that good bakers get booked very fast so start the planning process well in advance. Once you find an Asian wedding cake baker, book a consultation to see if he/she could deliver an Asian wedding cake to your expectation.

In terms of cost, the more the time the Asian wedding cake designers spend on your cake the more expensive it is going to be. Be prepared and have a clear idea of your requirement when you visit the Asian wedding cakes designer for consultation. Most professional Asian wedding cakes designers will be able to help you arrive at a design that fits in with your budget.

Consider flowers and fruits that add a naturally beautiful look. Your caterer or stylists can help you decide what look to go with and what is seasonally available. You can also complement the wedding cake with the overall theme and wedding colors.

You could also take along a swatch of your bridesmaid dresses or other color sample to match the cake design and table display as best as possible. Matching your theme and colors is important so you can work with your caterer or stylists on this.

You can also give some thought to the scenery around the cake table. The wedding cake could be the focal point for the photographer. Besides, your friends and family will be gathered around the table for photos and so you will want the whole area to be beautiful.

Keep in mind that factors like flowers, number of servings, flower decoration, figurines and delivery will also affect the final price of your Asian wedding cake.

Finally, plan your wedding cake at least a month in advance. Also, be sure to designate a person who would be responsible for cutting and serving the Asian wedding cake. This could be taken care of by the Asian wedding caterers you hire for your special day. Otherwise, if you expect the Asian wedding cakes designers to cut and serve, be prepared to pay extra for their time.

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