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  • Published June 10, 2012
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It’s a pity that the planet supposes that there are only two kinds of secretaries: the delectably beautiful and the downright dreadful. Those auspicious enough to belong to the first company get away with their sluggish typing speed and dreadful grammar by shaking their tooshies and batting their eyelashes. The second class is composed of the truly professional ones who could organize a symposium, key in a letter, answer a phone call and send a gift to the boss’s mom simultaneously.

Let’s not speak of the first type. Bosses could do with them as an antidote to their vinegary aging wife. Male co-workers want them as a stimulant when their coffee flops and fails to perk them up. Women co-workers need a big cheese to gossip about. The beautiful ones carry out their purpose in the workforce.

The more crucial thing is if you are a secretary belonging to the second faction. Okay, maybe downright horrible is taking it too much. This article is not out to make you feel awful concerning yourself than you already are. I believe that being physically disadvantaged is not a crime, but not taking action about it is. So how do you convert ugly into less ugly?

First, garner an adequate amount of courage and honesty and strip all your clothes and look in the mirror. Really look in the mirror. Assess yourself and mentally create a roll of all your noble points. Enumerate all the bad points (the listing may be lengthy and you might disregard some).

The imperative thing here is to get the picture of the psychology of beauty. Exquisite persons have balanced faces, and they have a facial appearance of what is alleged to be womanly. And womanly facial appearance includes large eyes, cute noses, and full lips. Think of Betty Boop or Barbie.

Breasts are something that magically fascinates men. But while men may be drawn to greater ones, the magnitude that they are magnetized to is not as great as the majority of women assume. So don’t be hopeless if you don’t have watermelon sized breasts.

In some society where food is insufficient, a few men get magnetized to women who have more meat and fat. In places where there is food abundance, men might get magnetized to stick thin ones. Hey, Calista Flockhart bagged Harrison Ford after all, and anorexic bodies dominate the fashion runways. The thing here is you are not excessively fat or excessively slender. Strive to look healthy in proportion.

Men also find clear skin attractive. Think of it this way, rosy apples makes you covet to bite, bite and bite; pock marked lemons make you do a sour face.

Second, take a glimpse at your wallet to inspect if you have adequate cash to go on a modest shopping spree. But before you go out, put to exercise your competent researching ability and search the internet for tips on using:

Concealers. (splendid for covering skin defects)

Foundation. (Choosing the correct shade can perform miracles in enhancing your face.)

Make-up. Make-up should be used to enhance your facial appearance. There are also make-up tricks that can make your eyes, nose and lips seem to be larger or smaller, whatsoever is considered necessary to closely realize symmetry of your facial appearance.

Underwear. (push up bras or breast reducing bra, padded panties or extra formidable girdles, whatever is required to correct your flaws)

Skin enhancing creams. Do not plummet into the trap of fancying your white skin to become tanned or your dark skin to become white. For this, skin creams are not the answer. You will have to refer to a psychiatrist for several meetings on self-acceptance. I am chatting about making your skin clear and smooth. A wholesome diet and working out will do wonders of course and creams are just there for the additional booster.

Third, test to find out if your dreadful face goes with an unattractive attitude. Heavens aid you if it does. Your unattractive attitude may stem from your lack of confidence, but no one especially cares where it comes from, except your one or two genuine friends. The rest of the office doesn’t like your lemon face and your disagreeable attitude. This is why they keep away from you. And this is the reason why you are alone when taking your coffee breaks.

Perform smiling in the mirror. If your smile is a tiger’s snarl with matching cutting yellow teeth, then watch Julia Robert’s movies until you can throw the equal quality of sunny smile. While you are at it, take a pause to schedule a dentist’s appointment.

Your detachment may have erased your social grace so it would profit to exercise them once more. A casual "hi" or "good morning" could give your officemates a nice bump and would launch an effective indication of a new you. When you have set up an adequate amount of friendliness, request those who are most open to lunch or host a simple after office dinner in your house. The keyword here is: friendly. Yes, that’s the new you.

While you may by no means achieve the grade of the adorably beautiful, it is at least probable to permanently cancel your link to the downright dreadful organization. Again, being unsightly is not a crime, but not correcting it is.

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