A Guide to Spring Weddings


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  • Published June 10, 2012
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Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Many brightly coloured flowers begin to bloom during Spring which can provide the perfect setting for a romantic wedding ceremony.

Spring occurs in March, April and May. It is the time when deciduous plants begin to regain their colour and certain flowers bloom only in the spring time. Feeding this botanical regeneration is an increase in rain, accompanied by an increase in sunshine. Blossom trees, daffodils and peonies are all wonderful examples of beautiful plants that start to bloom in spring time.

March is the first month of Spring and although we can have some warm, sunny days in the UK during March there is still a chance that couples could have a white wedding, as it has been known to snow early in the season.

In recent years we have seen long, sunny and warm days during April and temperatures have been known to reach the high teens or even early 20’s, proving that the notion of ‘April Showers’ is not often the case.

If you are hoping for a calm and dry day for your wedding, May is the safest option during Spring as the days are longer and temperatures can reach the high 20’s.

It’s this uncertain weather that is the reason why it can be a risk to host your event in the Spring months. Due to the plant friendly conditions, there’s always a chance the day could turn out fine initially, but the weather could change at the crucial moment. This is why planning for every weather condition is essential during Spring and many venues are set up to accommodate this, offering both indoor and outdoor options which can be changed according to the current forecast.

It’s important to take note of the type of trees, flowers and foliage in venues you have viewed - trees that looked bare in November could suddenly look beautiful in April. Ask for pictures of the venue throughout the seasons. Most venues should have a great deal of seasonal pictures to take a look at and some may be available on the venue’s website.

Decorations can be customised according to the season. Colour palettes for Spring weddings are usually effeminate and bright, but perhaps not as loud as the colours seen during a summer or autumn wedding. The shades are traditionally more subtle - with pinks, yellows, greens and whites all working very well. As for bouquet options, stunning flowers are plentiful in Spring time. Daffodils are an obvious choice, but anemones and freesias are also very both popular.

Seasonal produce, that is sourced close to the venue is becoming an ever more popular choice for wedding catering. Although the produce of each county is different, on the whole there is some amazing food that is in season during spring time. Lamb, asparagus, crabs, leek and even cherries are all at their best during this time of year. Ask a caterer about their seasonal produce to get a good idea of what local produce is available in their area.

All in all, Spring is a great time to hold a wedding. If we’re honest, you can’t rely on British weather at any time of year. The ceremony itself should take centre stage. Even if the weather takes a turn for the worst, with clever planning any unfortunate circumstances can be avoided. So there’s no reason not to choose Spring time for your big day.

Written by Michelle Rider at Braxted Park Wedding Venue. Braxted Park is a licensed wedding venue in Essex, with capacity ranging from 50 to 300 guests. Braxted Park offers exclusive use for the day and boasts the highest level of service for wedding receptions in Essex.

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