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Every girl's dream is to have a fairytale wedding and feel like a princess for the day. That, however, can be difficult when your intimate wedding reception spills over the 500 so called close guests that your parents have kindly invited to join the celebrations. When it comes to Asian weddings is bigger necessarily better?

From the sculpted wild orchid flowers to the five-tiered fountain inspired wedding cake and even the couture meringue-like wedding dress, which was inspired from your Rajasthani theme. Every detail, and accessory has been meticulously planned in the months leading up to the day with your new best friend, your wedding planner

Asian weddings vary in size, however small and intimate is rarely an option. Whether it's a large or small gathering, the one synonymous factor is the price tag that is associated with Asian weddings. With the buoyant marketplace offering everything you could desire for your wedding, ranging from Belgian chocolate-coated strawberries, tiered champagne fountains, personalised table favours to Moroccan inspired Mogul marquees, is it any wonder why Asian weddings cost a small fortune?

With so much choice and variety in the marketplace today how do you know what centrepiece will work with your chosen colour palette? Do you splurge on a bespoke ice sculpture with engraved names or a trendy ice bar with themed uplighters and gobo names flashing on the ceiling? Just where does the notion of having a perfect day stop? Can you really see the telltale signs of a wedding spiralling out of control?

Over the last decade Asian wedding planners have become a popular and fashionable accessory to weddings, large or small. No one can forget the blockbuster hit "The wedding planner" starring Jennifer Lopez, released in 2001 where the film does see the role of a wedding planner painted in somewhat, rose tinted glasses. In today's reality the role of Asian wedding planners is somewhat different. So, how do we see the role of Asian wedding planners today and is it really a Twentieth century must-have accessory at your wedding?

The Role Of A Wedding Planner

The role of a wedding planner will vary on every company or business and the requirements of every couple. A bespoke wedding planner tailors their services to closely match the needs of their couple. In essence the role of the wedding planner is to "plan the wedding" with the couples vision and one of the key ingredients being, the wedding planner's painstaking years of experience and knowledge which will create the elements of a truly, very magical and bespoke wedding, with lots of creativity and imagination

The last few years have been an exciting time for wedding planners in the industry and across the globe. It's almost like a phenomenon that has taken over not just nationally but also across the international waters over to the Far East and Asia. It's been known to be said, that the latest accessory to a wedding is a wedding planner, so in true fashionable style, the privilege comes with a price tag. Like with everything in life there is plenty of healthy competition amongst wedding planners too. When trying to find your perfect planner you will actually find a variety of wedding agents on offer to choose from. With every wedding agent providing a similar service, how do you know whom to choose?

If you're in the midst of planning your wedding, you may have come across the following in a wedding article, a real life celebrity wedding feature in a wedding magazine, a hotel brochure or even heard about it on the radio and of course come across it in the Jennifer Lopez version, "The Wedding Planner"

• Wedding planner

• Wedding co-ordinator

• Wedding consultant

• Bespoke wedding planner

• Event co-ordinator

• Event manager

• Venue co-ordinator

If you thought the above seven roles encompassed the same duties as one another, you would be mistaken yet among the general public who also think along the same lines. With no real clarity between the roles, you are left with a mind-boggling task to find your perfect planner.

There is a clear distinction of responsibilities between each of the roles, there is an element where their responsibilities do fuse into one another's however, do not assume that the type of service will be the same for every one of those seven service providers. The defining roles and responsibilities are explained to help you decide which you need.

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