Create out a simple and romantic wedding with four steps


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  • Published June 12, 2012
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Brides, it doesn't mean the more extravagant the wedding is the more romantic your wedding will be. In a society of advocating thrift and environmental protection, simple wedding is more popular and practical. Here are four steps to create out a simple and romantic wedding.

Locate your wedding venue. When you determine to plan a simple wedding, you are no longer bound to hold it in a upscale hotel or places the like. Simple wedding is more simple and flexible, for example, you can plan it in your garden, so that the guests could have the chance to see your new house. Or, you may also follow the tradition, have it held in the local chapel if you are a pious follower. In recent years, hold a beach themed wedding is prevalent for it draws people closer to the nature, offers people comfortable and relaxed feeling.

Have a flexible ceremony. Hold a simple wedding ceremony, you don't have follow the conventional rite, instead, add some personal ideas, spice up the atmosphere, it can be more interesting. The couple can stand in the center of their relatives and friends accept the best wishes form them. Besides, it's also an opportunity to let the guests to actively participate in the wedding. For example, you can ask your friend play harmonica or other instruments when you are through the carpet, the other one can read a love poem for you.

Skip the formal reception. Don't be a stickler to a formal reception, get some resourceful ideas to make you wedding be the unique one. Let the guests feel comfortable and free is one important factor of a successful simple wedding. The gathering can share their favorite food, fun and music like an informal party. The food preparation can also be causal but should be delicious.

Get a simple wedding dress. Simple dresses can do an excellent job of playing up your figure without any distractions of luxurious and complicated decorations like pearls, beadings, sequins, lace and the like. Instead, the theme of a simple gown is to reflect an authentic and true self. However, you can still have your personal favors into the dress for it is always the details that will reflect your characteristics and temperament. Simple doesn't have to mean boring. Aside from that, simple wedding dress usually cost you less money, which can save your budget.

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