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  • Published December 30, 2012
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According to some statistics, winter and especially December, is the most popular season for couples to get engaged. I don’t know if the snow has something to do with it or long romantic evenings or something in the air but whatever it is, it is that time of the year again :) And of course for young couples that are about to make next big step in their relationship it is the best time of the year.

No one is immune to that holiday feeling that makes bride-to be starry-eyed and gives an extra guts to would-be grooms to pop the question. This is perfect time of the year to get engaged: it’s already happy time (for most of the people); there’s no need to spend small fortune on setting a scene because hey, it’s a holiday season and the perfect scene is wherever you look; you can dress up like Santa; decorate your tree with only one ornament (and we all know what would that be); write your marriage proposal with lights on the lawn or on the roof (just be careful. and I’m not thinking only about spelling); wrap yourself as a gift … ok I better stop here.

Majority of women (and men for that matter) believe that the message delivered with a bended knee means that man is offering himself wholeheartedly without any reservations. It’s highly important to check surrounding area before kneeling. Last thing you want to do is to plant yourself in a puddle of water or to incorporate some stone to your knee. You know, it’s desirable to be able to stand up and kiss the bride-to-be after she says "yes". And achieve that without her help.

To go back on the holiday season, winter is indeed perfect. We have Christmas and Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve, all very popular December dates for asking the question but for those slightly impatient there is Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day for those that need few days more. Actually Valentine’s Day is the most popular date and right after comes Thanksgiving.

So guys, get on your (proverbial) horse, shine your armor and swoop in to the love of your life giving her something extra this holiday season. Let’s not forget girls, girls can also take the lead and surprise the man of her dreams with a carefully crafted setting and mood before you ask him to say that big Yes. Do a little research, look at other peoples ideas, think of something original and go for it. Holiday season is a time for tradition, fresh ideas, original ideas, wacky ideas and the perfect time for giving the greatest gift of all, yourself. Your love and devotion. Your trust, your companionship. The perfect time to begin a future together. . Popping the question regardless of the date is the crown of the gift giving season. You wish to give the ultimate gift and what would be more appropriate than an engagement ring?

Micah Ranis is a long time wedding transportation manager in W-Limo, a Chicago Limo company, and is currently also managing Wedvantage program designed to help brides and grooms with all areas of their upcoming wedding.

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