The Purpose and Thesis in a Research Paper

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There is an assented correlation between purpose and thesis in a research paper. The perfection and satisfaction of a research paper depends entirely upon the concrete facts which may be gathered to support the genuinely stated and purposeful concepts. ‘Purpose’ is defined as the basic motive or main concept to be explained. In other term, ‘purpose’ is an intention to include, intimate, determine and elucidate the central point and main idea of a particular dissertation. For a well-defined purpose, the focus should be emphasized on the way of explanation, controversial reasoning and surveyed-written facts and figures. Whereas, ‘Thesis’ is described as the affirmation of the prescribed concepts through discussion, suggestion, argument and practical examples (i.e. chart, graph or picture). ‘Thesis’ is also known as the lengthy researched academic dissertation which is prepared from literature.

Importance of Purpose and Thesis

A research driven dissertation must contain purpose and thesis as per the specific need of an assignment with the instructor’s direction. As both purpose and thesis are interrelated, therefore, their significance is mandatory in a "thesis driven" essay in order to explain the concept and intentional central idea with the evidence of literature and reasonable assertion. Their relationship is significant as to elucidate the research-driven thesis paper with the relevant facts that might be helpful for proper justification. Development of a persuasive argument too requires deep concentration and thoughts for the well-defined purpose, and final analysis and profitable result for the clarified thesis.

Practical Example of ‘Purpose’ and ‘Thesis’ through a Research Student

Let us take the example of a research student who has been given a dissertation paper on the topic ‘Safety of Medical Equipments’. The student will have to first describe the main objective of the research paper which is to identify the proper systematic procedure for checking the newly purchased and existing medical equipments which are to be utilized during the operation. For explaining and justifying the purpose of research paper, the student will have to delve the sources of literature related to medical education in order to support the thesis. By analyzing the gathered facts, the student will be able to confront the controversial situation and provide suggestion which may be required thereon. Thus, it has been proved that purpose is the intention of something and thesis is the clarification of same thing.

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