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So, it’s THAT time in life! You are the one getting married and planning your final bash, or the one they’ve picked to plan and throw it! Let’s say it’s the latter. Somehow, I find it easier to believe the groom wouldn’t want to deal with such things but just enjoy the benefits of a well-planned celebration.

Even thought the lightness the title suggests you won’t have to deal with much organizing and planning, truth is there is plenty of work you’ll have to wrap your head around.

To avoid throwing the most uneventful and boring party, I’ll give you some suggestions that will surely help. Trust me on this, I’ve been a best man for four times now, I’m pretty much trained in this game. So, here we go…

First, you need to be realistic about this adventure. Even though you’ll think it would be amazing for the party to take place a day before the wedding, it’s the worst possible time! Just like the bride, the groom needs his rest. After all, you want your best friend looking sharp on his big day and not all tuckered out, smelling of smoke and booze, with stripper lipstick on his collar. Also, a rehearsal dinner usually takes place on the night before the wedding, so there is no way you could pull it off either way. So then, what are you to do?

Pick a date and day (preferably weekend) in the time span of three weeks to a week before the wedding. If many of the groom’s friends live out of the city/state, be considerate and inform them of the party on time so they can work it in their schedule.

You need to be super practical:

• Whatever it is that you are planning, have guests’ budget in mind. Don’t put yourself (or the groom and his friend) in the position of having to cancel just because they can’t afford the venture

• Surprises are wonderful but a bachelor party isn’t the time to go overboard. Stick to what you know, meaning – make sure that the party you are organizing is something the bachelor will love! Cater to his interests and personality

• Are you an adrenaline junky? Great! But is the groom? There are things that seem like a great way to spend a bachelor party but turn out to be a total failure. Avoid risky things that may end in breaking of bones, fractures, bruises, etc. Keep it light!

• If you are thinking strippers – that’s okay and pretty much a dream come true for any guy. But then again… not everybody enjoys it equally. If you are thinking of such a surprise for your buddy, think of his relationship with his fiancé (you don’t want to get him in trouble), his personal take on such fun and his friends, too… If you do opt for going to a stripper club, make sure all men (and you!) brought condoms. Hey, better safe than sorry, right? You don’t want someone calling you six months from now saying ‘Hey, you’re going to be a dad’!

Not everything has to be traditional… and tacky

A bachelor party isn’t just a time to get drunk like a lord and forget that the evening even happened due to alcohol poisoning. It can be classy and elegant and, above all – memorable! If the groom is somewhat a traditional type and not much a party maniac you can also organize a great dinner party at his favorite restaurant. Invite groom’s closest friends. Encourage everyone to loosen up and enjoy their time. If there are some married friends from the group, ask them to share their marital wisdom with the groom-to-be! You can indulge in range of topics, yet I strongly advise you not to go in the direction of politics or work – it will just stress you all out!

If it’s summer and nights are hot/warm you can also rent a cabin or a tent on the beach/river bank and have a blast.

And? Have you got an idea?

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