The Art of Writing a Management Research Paper

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  • Published August 1, 2015
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The Dilemma

Most scholars face challenges when executing their management research papers. They all understand the essence of the paper, and thus the need to get it right. It’s often not as easy as it sounds. Scholars are usually in a dilemma as to what constitutes a top quality management research paper. Key questions in their minds include what study areas should I focus on, what questions should I seek to answer, what information should I include, what format should I use, etc? Certainly, without the right know-how and appropriate research skills, writing such papers could be a daunting and horrid task for scholars in all academic levels.

Key Elements

A well-executed management research paper constitutes various key elements that are core to professionalism and excellence in research. These elements include:

  1. An appropriate topic; where the right topic effectively defines the thesis under study by stipulating the scope and content of the study. The topic should be within certain limits to avoid vagueness and therefore enhance focus and ability to exhaustively address the questions arising from the study.

  2. Rigorousness; where the research should consider all the factors in question to ensure that the research is wholesome and all-encompassing. The research should be thorough in examining the topic under study.

  3. Accuracy; whereby the research should be consistent with the existing facts and data. The research should rely on the available data to advance its thesis. In this, contradictions should be avoided at all costs, unless the intended purpose is to disapprove a theory or existing knowledge.

  4. Clarity and validity, where the research paper should avoid ambiguity by ensuring that the topic under study is guided by a well-defined research question. Validity would entail the ability to apply the issue under study in different situations. Validity often goes hand in hand with verifiability, which entails the ability of the study situation to produce similar results in other different situations.

Common Mistakes

Poor management research papers are a direct consequent of some of the common mistakes writers commit when executing their papers. These mistakes may include choosing the wrong topic. Such a topic may entail a topic that is too wide or a topic within an area where studies have been conducted exhaustively. Another common mistake involves the lack of credibility in the paper. This usually results from the failure to effectively acknowledge information from secondary sources (borrowed information). Importantly, poor organization is another mistake people commit when executing their management research papers. This blights coherency and flow of thoughts and negatively affects the perception of the target audience towards the paper.

The Right Approach

The right approach in writing a management research encompasses the selection of the right topic, effective communication, and proper organization. The writer should conduct an in-depth search on the management topics previously studied. This would be essential in identifying interesting topics to study. For effective communication, the writer must strive to elicit the interest of the target audience. The audience must be curious to know what happens next. Organization as part of the strategy is key in enhancing the fluidity of the research paper. This should be achieved through numerous subtopics within the paper as well as the use of appropriate conjunctions.

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