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Key Challenges

One key challenge that scholars face when executing their economics essays is the limitation posed by the essay length. In most cases, these essays are quite short, which is constraining in terms of the ideas to incorporate. Scholars are required to answer the question comprehensively within limited space, while ensuring that effective communication is realized. Another key challenge common to writing an economics essay entails problems associated with inability to ensure free flow of ideas. Lack of free flow of ideas is a result of poor organization either in essay structure or articulation of ideas. It has a major negative impact on communication.


The best approach in writing an economics essay would be defined in three key steps:

a) Conducting a research of the study topic, where this entails gathering all pertinent information about the topic. The scholar should seek to find out the history as well as the current trends about the topic. The information acquired should be interrogated to examine its credibility, while documenting the respective sources at the same time.

b) Determining the appropriate thesis statement for the essay, where the scholar should establish the most suitable line of argument to be advanced in the essay. This should be in line with the collected information.

c) Drafting the main ideas; where such would involve writing down little notes to outline the specific ideas to advance in the essay based on the gathered information. This is essential in ensuring coherency in the economics essay.


Organization is usually at two main levels:

a) The whole essay

b) Within the paragraphs

Organization at the whole essay level would focus on subdividing the essay into three main parts, introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should effectively outline the intended purpose by giving a brief history of the issue under study. It should clearly stipulate the thesis statement. The body encompasses a discussion of the main ideas on the issue under study. It should be supported the data/information initially gathered. Notably, ideas should be in a sequential manner, where arguments should follow each other in the order of their strength. The conclusion involves a summary of the main points/ideas in line with the thesis statement.

Organization at the paragraph level entails ensuring free flow of thought within the paragraphs. Generally, this is achieved by starting the paragraph with a topic sentence, then ensuring coherency and completeness in the supporting sentences. The supporting sentences should contain elaborate examples and illustrations.

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