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The Purpose of a Management Essay

In most institutions, scholars pursuing management as a course or a unit are required to submit essays in the course of the learning term. This is intended to evaluate a scholar’s learning abilities as well as the understanding of the syllabus content. As such, superior management essays have to illustrate application of the learned principles and theory in contemporary situations. The examiner seeks the application of acquired theoretical knowledge in finding solutions to specific problems or establishing relationships between different scenarios within a practical environment. Therefore, management essays require scholars to effectively examine facts within a given management scenario, and coherently provide a knowledge-based opinion about the best position in that certain situation.

How to Write a Top Quality Management Essay

Various measures can be adopted by scholars to ensure that their management essays are of a top notch. The measures include:

a) Critically analyzing the essay topic, where the scholar should utilize libraries and internet to acquire an in-depth knowledge about the topic in question. This knowledge is key in laying a solid foundation on the pertinent ideas or points to include in the essay.

b) Examining the credibility of the information that constitutes the main points, where this is essential in ensuring that the arguments in management essay are founded on facts. The scholar should conduct further investigation on the main points to ensure that there is no contradiction between the available information and data.

c) Determine the number of required points based on the essay length. This plays an important role in determining the essay structure. Ordinarily, each body paragraph should constitute one point, which is well expounded upon. One main point can however in cases where further elaboration is required, be explained in two paragraphs.

d) Come up with an essay rough draft, where such a draft is fundamental in devising the most appropriate structure for the management essay. This includes the sequence of the respective points.

Structure of the Essay

Generally, the structure of all essays comprises the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Each part has its specific role and it should be systematically crafted to ensure that it realizes its purpose.

a) Introduction: For a management essay, this part should concisely stipulate the issue under study. It should contain a brief history of the essay summed up with a thesis statement.

b) The body is the core part and constitutes the key points. It should be comprehensive and coherent to effectively expound on the ideas/points while at the same time ensuring that it is fluid enough.

c) The conclusion entails a summary of the points in the body. It should wrap up with a reconciliation of these points with the essay thesis.

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