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Largely, scholars are required to write admission essays when in quest of joining tertiary level learning institutions or enrollment for Masters or Doctorate degree programs. It is therefore quite important for the respective scholars to get it right when writing such essays for numerous reasons. These reasons are:

a) The admission essays act as an important tool in conveying an individual’s suitability. These essays play an essential role in defining the scholar’s "first impression" in the eyes of the admission board. Notably, the better the "first impression": the higher the chances for admission or enrollment.

b) High competition for opportunities in the contemporary society demands for distinctive attributes in the pursuit of these rare opportunities. With globalization, the domestic markets have been infiltrated by global consumers who could not access these markets there before. These consumers have made opportunities scarcer, which is the same scenario in the education sector.

c) Securing the admission or enrollment marks the difference between a fulfilling career of choice and unpleasant career life. A good admission essay is paramount in ensuring that you pursue your career of choice, while a poor essay may oblige you to settle for a career you find less interesting.

Elements of a Good Admission Essay

A good admission essay is defined by several features. These features include:

a) A clear indication that you understand what you want to achieve, and in respect to what the institution offers. This entails an elaborate illustration that the institution is capable of helping you realize your academic dreams. Simply put, "it’s the place to be".

b) Should effectively stipulate your vision and aspirations by explaining how your admission or enrollment will help you realize these dreams. The dreams should be in line with the enhancement of knowledge in a specific field of study or advancement in a certain career path.

c) Personal traits and experiences that make you suitable for admission/enrollment should be effectively highlighted. The admission letter should encompass inborn or/and acquired traits that are essential to success in the academic arena.

d) Intended contributions to the community should be well featured. This should entail contributions to the field of study or the general society. It could be in such forms as research, contributions to an industry or career, or enhancement of the general population’s welfare.


In writing a masterpiece admission essay, strategy is key. The right strategy may encompass the following steps.

a) Identifying the core purpose of the essay in line with the guidelines provided by the institution you are seeking admission to. An institution may offer specific guidelines or focus for the essay. In this, you should seek to ensure that all relevant information is incorporated.

b) Conduct a research on the topic if one has been provided. This is important in securing the relevant ideas to include in the admission essay.

c) Write a draft of the essay, dividing the key ideas or highlights of the essay in respective paragraphs.

d) Organize the essay in respective paragraphs by reconciling all ideas in a coherent manner to enhance its fluidity, while eliminating all mistakes.

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