5 Top Tips on How to Create a Resume with No Work Experience

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  • Published September 20, 2017
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Since the job market is constantly changing, job hunting becomes a real hurdle for recent graduates. Nowadays, it’s not enough to finish your education with excellence. Many employers list experience as one of their requirements. So, how do you get through the door and to an interview? You have to showcase the qualities that will make you a great employee. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

CV Writing Tips:

Emphasize your potential

Relevant experience is great because it shows that a person can do his/her job well. You can demonstrate it differently. Think back to your college experience. Anything from an internship in a related field to helping out a friend with a start-up can be useful. You can also talk about volunteer work and traveling.

Be honest

Many articles on how to make a CV recommend exaggerating or even straight up making up skills if you are unlikely to use them. This is not a good strategy. Use only the skills that are applicable. It will be even better if you can highlight them with a few examples. Make sure that recruiters can visualize you as a part of their organizations.

Be proud of your achievements

Having relevant experience is one thing, but having quantifiable achievements in the field is even better. There’s nothing better for your future career than taking part in competitions organized by the industry professional. Companies want the best, and you’d be able to prove your worth.

Don’t just list your traits

People, who wonder how to make a CV, often neglect the visual component. The truth is, if your resume is eye catching and pleasant to look at, recruiters will appreciate it. Use a good layout and make sure to list the achievements and traits you are most proud of first.

Show interest in the position

It is important to prepare necessary information for each position. Even companies in one field often have different aims and approaches when it comes to recruiting. Learn more about the company and its hiring practices and demonstrate that knowledge in your application. It won’t go unnoticed.

These tips will help you create an effective CV, but remember that many great companies don’t advertise positions. You should use your networking skills in order to learn about them.

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