Why Fall Weddings Are the Best


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  • Published September 19, 2017
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While spring and summer remain the most popular times for a wedding, many couples are missing out on the truly best season to have a wedding, which is Fall. There are many reasons why fall is ideal for a wedding like

-Scenery: There is no doubt that fall time is beautiful with orange, red, and yellow leaves that fill the trees and streets. The warm colors make a perfect backdrop that will make everything pop.

-Weather: The weather is cool but yet tolerable. You will not have to worry about guests getting too hot during the reception, or your makeup melting off your face because of the warm summer sun. Your guests will hit the dance floor and party all night without having to deal with humidity and heat.

-More availability: Because spring and summer are the most popular times for a wedding, during the fall you will be able to get into a venue more easily, book the best caterer, etc. You will not have to compromise on what you want because they are full.

-Fall flavors: Everyone looks forward to the fall flavors of pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc. A fall wedding is a perfect opportunity to incorporate all those great tastes that your guests will love.

-Warm atmosphere: The fall orange, red, and yellow colors provide an ambiance of warmth to any event space. You can accompany the colors with a setting that incorporates candles, a fireplace, and low lighting. Your guest will be captivated by the beauty of your wedding but also relaxed by the entire atmosphere.

-Wedding dresses: If you want a wedding dress that is different and unique, a fall wedding will give you that chance. You can be daring and choose a dress that makes your fall colors pop like Burgundy. Or you could stay traditional with white, but add long-sleeves to your dress for a look that will truly stun your guests.

-Table setting: One of the best things about a fall wedding is the colors choices and elements you can incorporate into your table settings. It can be very simple or rustic with handmade wreaths, berries, tea light candles, dark napkins, light tablecloths, branches, and lots of splashes of gold. These are just some elements that can make your tables pop. There are a lot more options that fall, can offer for your decor.

Well, there you have it. Do not let this fall go by without thinking twice about the perfection it could offer your wedding.

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