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When writing any academic work, it is paramount for a student to use reliable resources. Academic resources are also vital for revising purposes. The textbook publisher’s website provides students with vital academic resources.

Part I

There are numerous resources that a student’s writing a sociology paper can use. The best place to find credible resources is the web. The internet is awash with diverse resources that can be used to complete a sociology assignment. The first resource is media sources such as CNN sites. CNN is a media house that is globally-recognized for the extensive research its conducts prior to airing any content. The new reports that CNN provides is supported by scholarly work from renowned sociologists and scientists. It is easy for a student to find reliable information on any sociology topic. The student needs to search for relevant information based on the topic. Government sites such as the US department of justices also serve as credible resources. The government sites are appropriate because their content is factual. Additionally, government sources cover diverse issues that affect the society. The third appropriate resource is academic info. Academic info has reliable information related to anthropology. The resource is ideal because of its ease of access, through the internet.

In chapter two, there are several resources available for students. Some of the resources include multiple choice quizzes, true or false quiz, reel society (provides movies) and summing up activities. The two resources that appeal to me are summing-up activities and the quizzes. Summing-up activities appeal to me because they focus on summarizing the content of the chapter. The summing-up activity helps the student determine whether he has understood the topic. The quizzes are also ideal because they enable the student to revise. When responding to the multiple choice questions, for instance, the student will think over the different choices that have been provided and determine the correct answer. The student can submit the answers and get an immediate response. The student then reviews the response, reviewing questions he may have failed.

Part II

The dead sociologist index lists famous sociologists who made a significant contribution in society. In comparison with the list of sociologists from chapter 1, the sociologists I have selected include Karl Marx, Émile Durkheim, and Max Weber. Karl Marx is regarded the father of communism. Marx’s ideologies were used to explain the concept of communism; a popular system that advocated for equal sharing of wealth. I appreciate Emile Durkheim, on the other hand, because he is considered the father of sociology. Durkheim works focused on societies and how people within societies can work to maintain unity and coherence. I also appreciate Max Weber as a reputable sociologist who played a significant role in shaping modern social science.

The three sociologists made significant contribution in the field of sociology. However, I find Karl Marx as the most interesting. I believe Karl Marx, and I would have been friends on a personal and a professional. I would have worked with Marx on the quest to distribute wealth across masses. To-date, I hold the strong opinion that the majority of people in the world should not struggle for food and other basic needs while a few wealthy individuals enjoy luxurious lives. Marx and I would engage in collaboration efforts in writing social papers about the working class. Marx and I would also organize seminars with the aim of enlightening the working class over their role in changing society. I am also certain that Marx and I would have faced a lot of tribulations with the authority. This is because our stand for communism goes against the wealthy class. However, as friends we would have given each other the moral support to keep up the fight.


The publisher’s website enables students to access credible academic resources for their studies. Personally, I have used the website to access resources fro revising my sociology course. The site has useful resources for different topics in sociology.


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