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  • Published January 9, 2018
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Dear (name),

When starting this class, I was pleased because I knew that I would improve my writing skills. Writing is normally considered as the foundation in which communication is based and in order to convey information and ideas efficiently, one should have good writing skills. Taking this class has greatly helped me as I have acquired excellent writing skills and also improved some of the areas that I had trouble in terms of writing. When starting the class, I was very poor in writing; however, through practice and with the help of several assignments that we completed, I have been able to improve my writing. There are several assignments that we completed during the course that were all involved in improving my skills. Some of the factors that greatly helped in my success included the excellent quality of lecture notes and on time feedback from the instructor.

One of the areas that I have been able to improve and that were a main weakness was in regards to ensuring punctuations and avoiding grammar mistakes. From the various assignments that I have completed, I have learned that punctuation is essential because a simple mistake in punctuation can make the sentence extremely meaningless. Therefore, in order to ensure that I avoid making grammar mistakes and punctuation errors, I practiced proofreading my work so that to make corrections where necessary. I was able to improve my weaknesses through practice and I believe that I am now perfect in writing. By improving my weaknesses, they are now some of my strengths as my ability to ensure good punctuations and no grammar mistakes has helped me in improving my grades.

The quality of lecture notes and the feedback from the instructor were amazing. I believe that the feedback is extremely essential as it helps an individual to understand the areas that need to be improved. The instructor was extremely helpful as he ensured that he provided feedback on time. I was able to utilize the feedback that the instructor provided so that to improve areas where I was lagging behind. I believe that the feedback enables an individual to improve on the weak areas and pay great attention so that not to make the mistake again. When the instructor was marking our assignments, he ensured that he pinpointed areas that we needed to improve; thus, it was easy to place more attention on such areas. The instructor also ensured that he provided feedback and suggestions on some of the areas that we had improved; thus, I was able to assess my existing knowledge and focus on what I needed to learn.

Another impressive factor about this class is about the quality of lecture notes that we used in the class. The instructor ensured that he provided us with detailed notes that were easy to understand. The textbooks that were used for the class was also easy to read. I love reading; therefore, reading the textbook was not a challenge to me because I love reading and this was an activity that was exciting. The textbook was very helpful because it had some exercises that were available after every topic; thus, an individual would test their understanding of the topic through answering the questions. I enjoyed the approach that the instructor used in the classroom because the assignments that we were given were focused and directly related with the topic that we were working on. The instructor also ensured that at the end of every topic, he would give us an assignment with the aim of testing our understanding.

The assignments that enjoyed completing were the perspective essay. This is an assignment that was easy to completing because we were required to provide our own idea about a particular issue. The student was given the opportunity of selecting a topic by himself. With the freedom of choosing a topic, I considered selecting an interesting topic, one that I had sufficient information about and easy to understand. Completing this assignment was never a challenge to me because one of my strengths is the ability to be persuasive and support my ideas with quality evidence. This is an assignment that I was supposed to convince the audience about a certain issue; thus, I had the opportunity of using my skills in ensuring that I convince the reader about the issue. When completing the assignment, I also ensured that I made use of good punctuation, good choice of words that would help in expressing my ideas well.

Another assignment that was exciting is writing a letter to the editor regarding a particular issue that needed a solution. I used my creativity and also persuasive skills to indicate that a certain problem need to be resolved so that to have a better society. This assignment helped me to provide my own view of how a certain problem can be resolved. In conclusion, I believe this class has been extremely helpful and I have been able to learn a lot and also improve my writing skills.

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