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  • Published August 11, 2018
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We all know that any person can write a headline.

However, some writers’ work grabs the attention of readers more than others.


Have you ever asked yourself why people are not reading your content?

You should read this article if you spend your time writing without being noticed.

This article gives you secrets of web copywriting which will make you write great headlines and get noticed.

Headlines are not created equal. Just examine your web browsing history. Aren’t there some pages that you have never clicked even though they contain good information?

What is the reason?

Let’s explore:

David Ogilvy once said "On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar."

Use The How to Headline

Many people browse the internet looking for solutions to their problems. They normally type in the browser "how to" followed by the action keywords that will help them get a solution


How to get a perfect body shape

How to slim within one week

How to write great web copy

Create The Ultimate List Headline

Human beings are wired to scan numbered lists. Numbered lists are scannable and easy to memorize. If you want to attract a large audience, give those numbers in your next headline.


21 ways of killing a rat at home

101 places to eat free meals

57 killer SMS for your spouse

The Ultimate Guide Headline

Human beings want to utilize their time reading the best materials available. Telling them that you have an ultimate guide to doing something will make them click and read your content.


The ultimate freelancing guide for beginners

The ultimate sales copywriting guide

The ultimate movies series for parents

The Fearmonger Headline

Fear is an emotion. When you use emotions like fear, people would like to know what you are warning them against.


Be warned! Eating this food may give you nightmares!

Be warned! This movie shall be deleted tomorrow!

The Proven Methods Headline

When you tell your audience that you are telling them something that has been tested and proven, they will not resist but click and read.


Proven ways of becoming more beautiful

Proven writing secrets for great authors

Proven weight loss foods you can try at home

The Mistakes Headline

Nobody wants to repeat a mistake in anything. Since many people are new in many aspects of life, they like hearing the kinds of mistakes they should avoid.


Marriage mistakes that can cost your spouse

Life mistakes that send you to the grave

These mistakes can poison your kitchen

The Secrets Headline

Everybody wants to hear and keep secrets that nobody knows. Tell them that you have a secret that can change their lives and they will click your headlines.


Secrets of winning the lottery or bets

Secrets of living longer exposed

Secrets of boosting your memory

Secrets of passing exams

The urgency technique

All people are wired to take immediate action when urgency calls. Make them fear missing out and they will click.


Urgent. You will thank yourself for reading this

Urgent. You will not find this anywhere tomorrow

You have learnt that great headlines have great characteristics such as unique headlines, numbers, emotional adjectives to persuade readers, a clear rationale of value, a bold promise, keywords within the title, a question, interesting adjectives, etc. Websites receive large numbers of visitors when they use such headlines.

Shall you make use of these strategies or shall you continue wallowing in headline oblivion?

Let’s talk in the comments section.

Kegesa Danvas is a senior copywriter at Cute Writers Inc. ( Cute Writers is a professional copywriting and web design company.


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