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Pesticides are used for the destruction of pests and pests of crops and houses. In addition to crops, insecticides are used to destroy animal cells (such as lice, cedillas, mites, flies etc.). The main ways in which poisoning is done by animal pesticides -

  1. Various types of pesticides are sprayed in the fields and they eat grains or grasses of the land.

  2. If animal pesticides are mixed in some way, they eat it.

  3. If the density of poison spray or dipping used to destroy the parasite parasite is high.

  4. Eating feces of feathers, feeding animals to twenty

Mainly three types of insecticidal substances are used.

  1. Phosphorylation Carbonate 3 Chlorinated hydrocarbon

Phosphate compounds and carbonate pesticides cause poisoning in the same process in animals. Both types of insecticides reduce the incidence of colon est erase enzyme and parasympathetic nerve stimulation creates symptoms of redness, diarrhea and muscular stenosis.

These types of substances are found in the market in different names such as parathion, malathion, adenine, pompous etc. (these are the phosphorus compounds) to protect crops from insect pests and to destroy animal cells. Macerate is again found in the market as insecticide, Fried don, Beagle etc. Both types of insecticidal poisoning show the symptoms of respiratory failure, redness, muscular capacities, and narrow Scotties. The response to the eyes will be very weak or not. Carbonate is used for the protection of insecticides from spheres, blue fly and other fishes. Extensively used as dipping and dust. 4-5% is used for malathion dishing. It is used for dusting by mixing 40 calories malathion with one kg of ashes. Again, 5% is very effective in wiping through lashes. Piping the sheep into ten liters of water mixed with 1 semen Dionne. In Britain, it is compulsory to dump every sheep twice a year once in the summer and once in autumn once every year to control the disease.


  • The poisoning can be identified by examining the history of poisonous grass or diet and special symptoms (shortness of breath, redness, muscular appendicitis, narrowed abscesses, excess weight).

  • The toxicity can be detected by calculating the levels of colon est erase depletion in the blood and the elevation of the phosphorescence compound in the urine.

  • Phosphorus can be detected by analyzing suspicious food.

Dosage of phosphorus compounds and carbonate substances

The pesticide drugs that contain phosphorylation are given as an atropine in the treatment of poisoning. It can be said that catastrophe sunhat phosphorescence is a proper and approved treatment for both humans and animals. In order to treat poisoning of paternal organs of adult pesticides, the National Organic Phosphate Pesticide drug is given 0.8 mg of atropine sulfate intramuscular injection. If there is no result of patroon in half an hour and signs of poisoning such as diarrhea, vomiting, contraction of the eyes, excessive scratches, and excess salivation in the mouth, the symptoms of two milligrams catastrophic sulfate intramuscular injections will be given per hour The accuracy of the action of atropine occurs. Atropine sulfate is an anticoagulant medicine that is found in atropine and atropine sulfate (ad rook, chemist lab.) In the local market. Catastrophe injection intravenous intravenous intravenous intravenous intravenous intravenous spleen.

  • 0.25 milligrams for body weight per kg and one-third of the intestines as a milligram for body weight per kg of sheep and goat, and injection of residual muscles. This medicine can be applied for 4 hours after 48 hours, depending on the symptoms. However, this treatment may not be effective in extreme conditions. Atropine sulfate closed the action of the acetic collie in the nerve ending.

Atropine injection, Bremen Pharma, is available in the market as a useful use for livestock. Besides, techno-drug and anti-astrophysics drugs are being marketed as techno-drug Detroit injections. Overeats can be used for cows, buffaloes, horses, dogs and cats. The work of Atropos is to reduce the contraction of indefinable muscles, to extend the eye.

  • In case of orphanage of poisoning, cows and pigs are used for physical weight of 60 milliliters, goats, and 10 grams per 10 kg physical weight for 100 kg of weight per 100 kg of Bremen Pharma. Dogs and cats have to use 3 millimeters per 10 kg body weight. One third of the first dose should be in the head and injected into 2/3 percent meat. Depending on the condition, after half an hour or condition, the atropine will be injected again until it is returned to the normal state.

  • Hyacinth Boutique Bromide A Quaternary Ammonia It acts as anticoagulant like atropine. However, less powerful than the atropine and the action remains a little longer. Boatmen Bacon 10,200 milligrams tablets are available in the Cytosine Bobtail Bromide market. Tablets are fed to 20 people in the face of four times a day.

  • 0.9 kg for activated charcoal cow and 0.5 kg water for goats / sheep should be fed with the help of stomach tube. Market.

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