4 Things A Man Must Do Before Getting Married


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  • Published February 18, 2019
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A successful marriage, or any relationship for that matter, requires preparation and careful planning. If done right, it can lead to a life full of bliss. However, if it goes awry, it can lead to a broken heart, health problems like hypertension and acute coronary syndromes, or financial ruin. Many people who have been married for over 60 years would tell you that a successful marriage is very possible. There a number of things that a young man can do in order to have a successful marriage.

Ensure That A Strong Social Support Is In Place

Before getting married, ensure that you have a strong social support network in place. A social support network must include your relatives, your friends, your school mates, people who share your religious faith, and your office colleagues. Your social support network will provide you with a list of people and their abilities from which you can seek help to address problems that you would face after getting married.

Overcome Your Emotions And Stay Rational

Secondly, you must overcome your emotions before getting married. This is important for many reasons. After marriage, you would be living with your wife, a woman you truly love. In order for the two of you to get along well, you must both overcome your fears, the things you hate, as well as your inordinate love for each other, all of which can cloud your judgment, leading to irrational decisions, and inconsiderate actions.

Get Over All Addictions

Addictions come in many forms, but they all have a deleterious effect on marriage. Addictions can interfere with a person's relationship with his spouse, coworkers, relatives, and neighbors. In addition to this, it can interfere with a person's ability to take care of him or herself. Drug addiction can does frequently cloud judgment. If you really want to have a successful marriage, you must overcome all addictions.

Overcome Shyness

Another thing you can do to improve your marriage is to overcome shyness. Communication is important in marriage, or any relationship for that matter. When one partner is shy, it frequently leads to miscommunication, and misunderstanding. If you are shy, do everything to overcome this, so that you will be comfortable around your spouse, her family, and her friends.

Marriage full of bliss does take careful preparation before marriage and hard work afterwards.

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