Is this a kind of Betrayal?


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  • Published February 27, 2019
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What follows is not a story – it is happening right now in the life of someone,we know.

We know this family very well.Let us,for the sake of anonymity call them jack and Jill.Their son(Rob) fell in love with a girl (Rosy)- This girl is from a family that claims loud and clear that they are of British descent and origin.

Rob’s parents, though feeling a bit uncomfortable about the match, agreed to the marriage.

After marriage Rob and Rosy moved into the boy’s home. It is a comfortable house, located in a posh locality. The house is certainly big enough to accommodate all the family members.

For the sake of privacy and comfort Rob and Rosy decided to live in the upstairs portion of the house – Jack/Jill in the ground floor.-

Soon enough, child (Twinky)was born. Rosy ensured that the girl, Twinky is not getting close with her grand parents. She coached ( from the age of three) that God made Rosy, Rob and Twinky as one family – One team -In this family space, Jack and Jill have no place- They are outsiders and they are also sick- So, Twinky should not go to them. If she goes, Twinky would also become sick.The child thus indoctrinated, out performed Rosy’s expectations in avoiding the grand parents.

Rosy started feeling that the house rightfully belongs to her (and to Rob) and Jack and Jill should move away to their ancestral house in a village located in a different state.

" This house is worth a few millions. Life will be jolly good if it comes to me." She thought. " If I handle this well, I can get this place from these old hags."

The feeling was translating itself into words and words into action steps.

She first had to convince Rob.

" Hey Rob.,How long do we have to live in the shade provided by your parents"

"Honey, What do you mean- shade provided by my parents. They are not providing any shade. We are just living together in the same house, that is all"

" Yes. But this house is yours too"

She went on." Listen, your parents are retired- just sitting at home. It would do good if they moved over to their village house. There,the air is less polluted and healthy. They have more relations there. Only thing ..some one… you.. you should.. advise them."

Rob kept quiet. Rose continued." You know., Twinky is growing up. She needs more space. We could move to ground floor and let the upstairs for rent.., I know so many people who would pay lot more money to move into this kind of location. With a fat house advance from them,.., we could also become a club member here. Just, imagine how colorful our life will become ?"

Rose kept the pressure. She would repeat this many times over and made Rob understand the recurring rent would make their life more comfortable.

Rob,finally, one day in a very casual manner told his parents that they could think of a holiday in their village. Jack and Jill did not like the idea. They sensed that it is only Rosy’s idea.

Rosy is not to give up. She,one day, brought two grown up Labrador dogs and let them loose inside the compound wall. Jack and Jill stayed indoors for a few days, afraid of the dogs. But,as weeks rolled by even the dogs became friends with Jack and Jill.

Rosy is only getting more desperate and intense on chucking the in laws out. She conceived a plan. She spent next couple of days with Twinky and explained what she should do and say.

One day, when Rob returned home, he saw Rosy in tears.

" Why., Hon.. What the hell happened?"Rob enquired.

" Why.. you.. You go away every day to the office and is unaware of what is happening. you should be ashamed."

" Ashamed of what.. Please be clear.. Tell me what happened today?

" I had to shout at your parents and they are very.., very angry with me.? Rosy between tears and sobs.

Rob, losing patience , turned towards his daughter Twinky( she is 7 years now). He asked, "Hey, twinky, Do you know why your mom is crying?"

Twinky said, " Today I went down to see the dogs. Then, Jack called me and said he would give me a cake. I went in. Then, Jack touched me here.. and here.,," Twinky showed.

" No.., This.. This is becoming too much.. Come.., Let us go now to the police station. We have to report this.. if we keep quiet .. .. Jack should not live with us here.. It is not safe for Twinky to live here in this house,with them around any more.. I cannot tolerate this any more.." Rosy wept

The Police came..Questioned jack and Jill. – It was most embarrassing for Jack and Jill. How.. How such a thing could happen.. That too.. their own son, Rob going along with the complaint to the Police?

Jill shouted at Rob, in front of the police officer, "You watch son, one day, Rosy will murder you and take and own this house…After us, you will be her next target., I am your mother telling you this, with such an agony.. that you are complaining against your own parents."

Neighbors and onlookers from the road gathered near the gate..and looking..

Jack and Jill .. still struggling.. battling there way to somehow hold on to their dignity and the house.

The Tussle goes on.

All names are fictitious but, incidents are real.

After graduating in Engineering( From Chennai, India) I worked for a few years in a few reputed Engineering companies - Now working for an air conditioning Contractor and some how finding time to write.E mail :

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