If you think that bidding process is over after submitting the proposal, then think again.

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  • Published May 23, 2019
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After a long period of research and evaluation, once you finally submit your tender proposal, it might seem like the end of your procurement journey, but in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is not the time to relax, yet.

The step after submitting a bidding proposal is a crucial one - Evaluation of your (and many others’) proposals. For example, if you have placed a bid on any of the open tenders in NSW, then during this time, your bid will be scored against others’, the companies shortlisted might be asked for more details and this can reinforce your chances of winning.

So what exactly happens after you are done bidding? Let’s see.

Verification - Interview and Visit

Occasionally, you will be requested by the buyer company for a personal visit. This is done for the routine purpose of examining your proposal in greater details. In this meeting, you might be asked to present your bid as a part of a personal interview.

Another possibility might be that the buyer company wants to ask you to arrange a visit to one of your clients for verification in order to understand better about your work and quality.

In most cases, this should be considered a positive sign that your bid might win the contract for you or at least that you are a shortlisted candidate. So you should go prepared for the interview.


If your tender document specifies that there will be presentation necessary after submission then there is no grey area. But nevertheless, being asked to demonstrate your proposal can be an opportunity to show your capabilities in a more convincing manner.

You can make sure that all the research work you did while writing tender and the solutions you have for their project are conveyed well during the presentation.

Site visit

In some cases, the buyer company might express interest in visiting your company’s premises to inspect and evaluate your current methods and processes of working and how well do they fit with their requirement.

During such kinds of site visits, you will have the absolute liberty of impressing the potential client with your processes, quality checks, team and/or equipment. This visit might even help you in building a friendly relation with the buyer and improve your chances of winning even more.

In the end

Remember that in most cases, any such requirements will be communicated to you well before in advance and you will not be required to rush in the last minute. However, it is always better to be prepared.

Hiring a professional will surely give you an advantage in the process, but it is also important to choose one with at least ten years experience and a solid portfolio of case studies to showcase their work, therefore consider Madrigal Communications, the expert tender writers in Sydney.

Tim Entwisle is the Managing Director of Madrigal Communications , Tim has been running the organization successfully for over 12 years and has a diverse knowledge in public contracting and specialises in open tenders in NSW.

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