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  • Published July 17, 2020
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The current times of the epidemic covid 19 have had a very negative impact on the operation of every country in the world. Societies in every country suffered financially but also many laws were limited by introducing restrictions. It was common to close borders between countries that are still closed in many countries today. Sex business has also suffered. To this day, the erotic industry cannot revive, and what is more, the government does not support financially such an industry as the sex industry.

As reported by one of the portals in Poland of the country in Central and Eastern Europe, the erotic industry has stopped during the epidemic. To this day, the effects of the epidemic are visible in the entire erotic industry. Most prostitutes standing by the roads have not returned to work yet. Detailed information is available in the article 'Sex services in difficult times' on the site

Many women in Poland stopped providing sexual services. Those that provide services do not perform all services. Most often, prostitutes don't kiss. Many girls do not provide sex services, only phone sex. Often, girls who provide sex services perform it only with regular customers. Often women report that they disinfect the whole apartment and wash towels at high temperature. Most Polish prostitutes advertise on the internet. The largest Polish sex sites have introduced new sex phone categories. Girls often report that they do not accept clients from abroad or those who have been abroad.

As we checked during the highest incidence, the number of sex ads dropped by around 40%. it is easy to guess that many men had no use of sex services. What's more, many people lost their jobs, which means they can't afford the services of girls. As emphasizes, in another article during the crisis from abroad many attractive young prostitutes returned. At the time local girls left work, some were replaced by girls working abroad. Many of these girls worked in Germany where she earned several times more money.

Escort agencies in Poland were closed during the epidemic and did not provide sex services. Girls standing by the roads for a long time disappeared, however, as noted, some are returning to work. In Poland, prostitutes standing by the roads are the cheapest and women from abroad often work there. Sex usually with such a girl costs 100 PLN which is about 25 USD. The oral service costs 50 PLN, which is about 12 USD. When we go to the apartment sex services offered in Poland usually start from 150 PLN per hour and usually are around 200 PLN per hour which is less than 50 USD. As you know, the main factor affecting the price is the age of the girl and the sexual services she offers. For girls standing by the roads that come from Eastern Europe they take 100 PLN. In this case, the service is performed in the car. As you know, the girl does not protect herself against the virus.

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