Overcoming the Causes of Not Too Hard Erections

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Erectile dysfunction is indeed the biggest problem for men. If the penis can't get erect at all, the chances of having sex will be low. Also, men will also have difficulty getting orgasms and ejaculation. Also to the problem of impotence, men have problems with the hardness of the penis when erect.

The erection that occurs in men turns out to have its level. Some have 100% hard erections, and some only have 50 to 80%. Several things cause poor erections. Generally, food, physical and psychological problems are the main causes, so every man must know about them.

The following are some causes of erections in men that are not too hard and easily weak if not stimulated continuously.

  1. Have a certain disease

Weak erections are not always associated with erectile dysfunction or impotence. However, some of the symptoms of impotence also cause men to experience maximum erections. They are always difficult to have sex because it is difficult for the penis to penetrate the vagina.

Some of the diseases that affect this condition are diabetes, with a high severity level. In addition, several types of drugs to cure certain diseases also weaken erectile ability in men.

The effects of the drug will usually disappear by itself as long as the use is stopped. Meanwhile, diabetes will still affect erections if blood sugar levels are not properly controlled.

  1. Too fat

Men with large bodies and fat tend to have erections that are not too hard. Even if a man can achieve the largest erection. There is a possibility of a weak erection returning if he does not get most stimulation from his partner.

But now you don't need to worry because, for every problem, there must be a solution that can end the problem. Using Bathmate Hydromax can make erections harder, last longer, and increase sexual stamina. Apart from overcoming erection problems, the Bathmate Hydromax pump's purpose is for those with small penis sizes.

Bathmate Hydromax is specifically designed to increase the size of the penis longer. These are some of the Hydromax series:

  1. Hydro Series

1.1. aHydro7: for this Hydro series, there is only one size. Hydro7 is suitable for those of you who have a penis size of 7 inches.

  1. Hydromax Series

2.1. Hydromax Series 3: ideal for those with a 3-inch erect penis

2.2. Hydromax Series 5: suitable for those with a 5-inch erect penis

2.3. Hydromax Series 7: suitable for those with a 7-inch erect penis

2.4. Hydromax Pump 7 Wide Boy: suitable for those who have a penis when erect 7 inches but the thickness of the penis reaches 7.6 inches in diameter

2.5. Hydromax Pump 9: ideal for those with a 9-inch erect penis

  1. HydroXtreme Series

3.1. Hydro eXtreme 3: users with 3 inches of erection

3.2. HydroXtreme Series 5: users with 5 inches of erection

3.3. HydroXtreme Series 7: users with 7 inches of erection

3.4. Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7 Wide Boy: user with 7 inches on erection

3.5. Bathmate Hydroxtreme 9: users with 9 inches on erection

3.6. Hydro extreme 11: users with an erection greater than 9 inches

The Hydro extreme series has more complete features in it:

There is a handball pump that will make it easier when pumping, a measuring gauge to measure changes in the length of the penis. a shower strap to attach the Bathmate Hydro, and many other features.

Bathmate penis pump user manual

  1. Warm up for 5 minutes

  2. Fill the Bathmate penis pump with water

  3. The Bathmate Penis Pump should face up

  4. Forms a tight seal with pump and body

  5. Push the Bathmate penis pump toward the pubic bone

  6. Penis pulled the tube

  7. Repeat the pump to maintain the vacuum

  8. Push the valve inward to release the vacuum

Hydro pumping is very effective because it uses water as the medium during the pumping process. You have to use a pump according to the size of your penis because the Bathmate penis enlargement pump has many series, as described above.

Bathmate User:

  1. Bathmate Hydro series is only for beginners

  2. Bathmate Hydromax Series for intermediate users

  3. Bathmate Hydro Xtreme for Advance users

It is enough to use it regularly for 15 minutes daily to get maximum results. Exercising the penis continuously it will make the penis harder and the erection more durable. Or you can see the picture beside this for a size guide.

The following are Bathmate accessories:

  1. Hydromax Series Measuring Gauges

  2. Bathmate Hydro Cleaning Kit, Cleaning brush

  3. Hydro extreme Shower Strap

  4. Hydromax pump Long insert

  5. Bathmate Hydro Cushion Rings penis pump

6 Hydromax Series Valve Pack

  1. Bathmate Control for Sexual Pleasure

8 Hydro Extreme Ultramale kit: Whatever your size, there's an Ultra male Kit for you, with it suitable for anyone from 1 to 9 inches when erect! It's time to start building real profits.

You can visit the better sex, cleaners, and extras pages to see other Bathmate accessories.

Is the Bathmate Hydromax Pump safe?

Bathmate Hydromax is very safe because it has been clinically tested by Aspen Clinical Research and does not contain harmful ingredients that irritate the skin of the penis.

All products are FDA registered: You can check that Hydromax pump products are completely safe with the registration number 3010386378

Using grade materials: Hydromax pumps are made of polycarbonate resin, replacing the glass with high strength and durability.

The results you will get after using the Bathmate penis pump.

  1. Increase the length and girth of the penis

  2. Real lasting

  3. Produces a rock-hard erection

  4. Instant Visible Results

  5. 250% More Efficient than Air Pump

Bathmate Hydro is the world's No. 1 penis enlargement pump in the penis pump category, as shown by the fact that it has sold more than 1 million boxes since 2016 worldwide. Moreover, they say that Bathmate Hydro works.

If interested in this product, please visit the website https://hydropumpsbathmate.com/ for detailed information.

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