Tips for Satisfying Couples To Reach Peak Orgasm

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  • Published June 23, 2021
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Overcoming a style that feels saturated if only done on the bed, actually sexual intercourse can be done on the kitchen table, sofa, garage and many more because it is a fantasy not a fetish and is still normal when done with a partner as long as both are still happy.

Many questions often arise when men have a size that is too small and does not touch the partner's G Spot, so they are worried that they will not be able to make their partner satisfied.

The G-spot is located a third of a woman's vagina between 11-12 hours, there are no nerves at all, so the smallest penis can make a partner feel aroused and satisfied when having sex, but it should be underlined that a normal penis size is 8-9 cm when erect , when below that it can be called a micro penis.

According to research 40% of women in the world do not reach orgasm, meaning whether women in the world do not have enough knowledge or men are selfish. What is clear is that actually every woman has genes that should be able to reach orgasm.

Actually there are many ways to make a partner feel satisfied when having sex and reaching orgasm, you as a man should be able to help stimulate your partner by slowly and indirectly penetrating to find the G Spot point. And another way is to use a Bathmate Hydromax pump which can be done by pumping it using water and air media so that the shaft of the penis becomes thicker and more muscular plus a longer size.

And research conducted at one institution in England that women prefer a penis size that is not too long as long as it is more muscular, why is that? because the entire shaft of the penis will touch the G spot of women and will make them feel more satisfied until they reach the peak of orgasm.

The hallmark of women reaching orgasm is when women experience mental and physical involvement, when the mind begins to feel comfortable and like floating can't be described in words ", French women used to say it was a small death then physically experience small spasms in the legs that spread upward every 0 ,7 seconds accompanied by sucking and clamping of the male penis by the female uterus, falshing and redness of the face and a small moan.

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