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  • Author Md Abdul Bachith Razel
  • Published December 1, 2022
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The words homosexuality, transsexualism, bisexuality, heterosexuality were never coined in the Western world. On the contrary, since the birth of ancient civilization in the history of all parts of the world, Greek, Native American, Chinese, Aztex, Mayan, Egyptian civilization, the life of pagan history, the history of Arab tribes, Persian literature, in the poetic literature of the subcontinent, the prevalence of different aspects of sexuality is seen everywhere. It was not until the 19th century that the powers that be in the Western world, in pursuit of their own political interests, introduced laws and customs to limit human behavior to a limited set of rules, with the aim to subject people to certain ways of life and to constrict and control them.

This can give guarantee to the powerful people to gain the political and economic interests. Michel Foucault developed his research in three books on the history of sexuality. In article 37, Bangladesh is part of the decision of the British Empire. India is one of our neighbors that has come out of the influence of this imperialist history and abandoned article 37 of the colonial law. More recently, Taiwan and Bhutan have also legalized consensual homosexuality. It can be noted that pedophilia or sex with children and forced rape are not encouraged and homosexuality cannot be blamed for it. For example, no one in Bangladesh blames heterosexuality for all brutal rape, violence against each other, dowry, cheating in the name of marriage and sexual harassment.

Some people think that those who defend gay rights are also gay. But do those who talk about environmental protection also become plants, rivers, plastics or waste? Those who defend gay rights, talk about their human values, and they don't all have to be gay. Think of the environment backwards, if you are heterosexual and attracted to the opposite sex and this is not recognized by your society and state, you must run away and just because you are hated or rejected or even killed , but what a miserable situation that would be. Heterosexuality is a normal sexual orientation just like homosexuality, bisexuality or transgender and everyone loves the same dream and wants to be accepted. It can only be called selfishness if the rights of the majority are realized or if you don't care about the rights of others then it can be called selfishness and if you don't want the human rights of others to be realized then it can be called oppression. And rights are not about sharing a cake that you want to share with another. On the contrary, the image of equality will emerge in society, at the same time everyone's values will improve, the attitude of helping others will increase. If we are not all free together, are we really all free?

Those whose question is that homosexuality does not produce children, yes may not participate directly, but nature uses this trick in its need for survival. For example, if a boy is homosexual in a family, he will be more attracted to the opposite sex if a girl is born to his siblings, which will favor the reproduction of the next generation. Thanks to this natural selection, one in ten men is born with a tendency to be homosexual or attracted to the same sex. A 2004 study in Italy found that same-sex households had higher fertility rates among women. Dr. Andrea Camperio Siani's study found that while the average number of children in a heterosexual family is 2.3, the number of children in a homosexual family is 2.6. So he says,

“We have finally solved the paradox … the same factor that influence sexual orientation in males promotes higher fecundity in females.”

Scientist Deinhammer also says,

‘The answer is remarkably simple: the same gene that causes men to like men, also causes women to like men, and as a result to have more children.’

Not only motherhood, but love is the foundation of a successful marriage. There are many heterosexual and even lesbian couples who have childless or artificial children. We are all familiar with the test tube, the surrogacy system. Science is progressing in this regard day by day. Also, how many children born to heterosexuals grow up without parents on the streets, in disrespectful neglect or in orphanage. Adopting children in this miserable country and caring for them and raising them in the shadow of the family will not benefit society. And when same-sex relationships get social recognition, they do that adoption work.

Homosexuality is of two types, one is behavioral and the other is congenital, which is called biological hard fact. Behavioral homosexuals change their sexual behavior depending on the environment. This example can be observed among male fishermen. But those born with homosexual characteristics do not change. In October 2016, a research team led by Dr Watts from the University of Essex noticed changes in finger height due to hormonal and female hormonal differences in the baby during the womb, which affects also their sexuality later in life. Dr Watts said, “Research suggests that our sexuality is determined in the womb and is dependent on the amount of male hormone we are exposed to or the way our individual bodies react to that hormone, with those exposed to higher levels of testosterone being more likely

to be bisexual or homosexual.”… “Because of the link between hormone levels and difference in finger lengths, looking at someone’s hands could provide a clue to their sexuality.”

Therefore, the height of the fingers of homosexual men and women differs in certain aspects from that of heterosexuals.

You can read more about this research in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

In our conservative society, which lacks education in sexual awareness, homosexuals lead a melancholy life of suppressing sexuality where the emphasis is on human values. No one wants to choose a life of harsh oppression. The lives of those 10-15% of homosexuals in our population are going through this difficult period due to the ignorant hatred of the majority of heterosexuals. Because, in our society, we grow up unknowingly learning ignorance, division, aggressive thinking and hatred from birth. For some heterosexuals, homosexuality may seem impossible, perhaps. Because he thinks about himself but no one tells him to be gay so he doesn't have to think about himself. Heterosexual sex is or should be consensual, just as homosexual sex is or should be consensual.

Md Abdul Bachith Razel


(Aiming to prevent the isolation and suicide of young LGBT+ people, aged 14 to 25, victims of homophobia or transphobia and in a situation of family breakdown)

La fondation Le Refuge

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