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  • Published September 16, 2020
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A voxel MMO RPG in which you can navigate between unique worlds with impressive landscapes using portals. Each world has its own defenders, whom you need to defeat. In Boundless, you can experience any gaming experience, for example, endlessly wander around the world with friends, or choose one area that you will turn into the most prosperous settlement and invite residents to it. For those who are not attracted to intergalactic conquest, procedurally generated worlds, where you can easily build and craft, just like in the creative mode of Minecraft are suitable.


Free Minecraft clone for PC with realistic graphics. Just like the original, this game doesn’t impose a specific goal on the player, but allows you to do whatever you want. Only the locations here are not procedurally generated, but prepared in advance by the developers, which allows you to leave your mark on this world. You can wander around the world alone or with friends, while building any architecture from different blocks. You can also acquire portals and a teleport to quickly travel to friends. If you want to craft, you have to collect resources. The most valuable resources are found in dungeons, where you can meet aggressive mobs.

Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders is a JRPG with a focus on crafting and building. In the story, the main character, whose name and appearance you choose yourself, is captured by the supporters of the “children of Argon” - fanatics who consider construction to be evil and destroy everything in their path. You, your main partner Malroth and other comrades must restore forgotten crafting recipes and rebuild this world again. But it will not be so difficult, because the game will accompany you with step-by-step detailed quests that are designed for at least 40 hours. At the same time, you can at any time move away from the storyline and build from blocks what you think is necessary.


A strategic multiplayer game in which you have to team up with other players to build a highly developed civilization from scratch. At the same time, one must not forget that the fate of humanity depends on the state of nature, so you will need to balance between technological progress and the protection of nature. Wrong decisions like over-deforestation can be fatal to the entire planet. And decisions in this game will have to be made immediately, because as a result, the Earth is waiting for a meteorite to fall, from which it is necessary to invent protection.

Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is a world made entirely of Lego blocks. Any object or building here can be disassembled into parts and assembled into something new. You can arrange your world one by one, or using whole ready-made Lego sets. In different places you will meet treasures with things that are useful for building. In addition, you can inhabit your world with different creatures: evil and kind, with whom you can communicate and interact. And in order not to get bored at all, you can move around your little world in different vehicles, from a personal car to a gorilla that you can ride.


Realmcraft is a free sandbox that almost one-to-one conveys the Minecraft gaming experience, but with its own unique features. As in the original, here you will find a survival mode in which you will have to overcome various dangers and a creative mode where you can unleash your creative fantasies. In addition, there is a Worlds mode with 30 ready-made (not procedurally generated) worlds with beautiful architecture, in which you can build anything in the company of your friends. There are also several mini-games (bed wars, egg wars and snowball fights) in which you can fight other players in real time.


The cube world of PixARK combines many amazing features: there is magic, dinosaurs and high-tech weapons. You can explore it alone or by joining tribes with friends. To survive, you will have to chop down trees, build your base from mud, grass and branches (and then more advanced materials), craft powerful weapons and tame the most amazing creatures. An endless number of procedurally generated voxel maps will make your adventure truly unique.

Portal Knights

The Portal Knights universe is an abundance of flying islands, which you have to navigate using special portals. To open each portal, you will have to fight with a large number of enemies. If it becomes too difficult for you, then you can build yourself a base and craft more advanced weapons and armor for yourself. Behind each portal, you will find a new unexplored territory full of surprises, because islands are generated here automatically. You can play alone, but the most interesting is to play four, as there are four classes in the game (ranger, mage, warrior and rogue).


Terraria is a famous 2D retro style sandbox. Unlike Minecraft, the player here begins his adventure not entirely empty-handed: he already has an ax, a pickaxe and a dagger. Further, you need to build your dwelling before dark, because at night crowds of hostile mobs appear on the surface. The main point of the Terraria game is mainly in the battle with mobs, of which there are about 500 species in the game at the moment (and among them there are about 30 bosses and mini-bosses). Some creatures in Terraria are so difficult to defeat that you have to develop individual tactics for them. Also in Terraria there are a lot of opportunities for creating weapons, equipment, interior items, etc. There are about 3500 items in the game in total.


Roblox is a platform that helps you create your own games and play games created by other users. Games in Roblox are open virtual worlds that cover a wide range of game genres: classic racing, shooters, simulations, RPGs, etc. Roblox games differ from classic games in that there are no strict rules and the gameplay is controlled by the users themselves. Here you can also create your own clothes, sell them to other players, or buy clothes made by other players.

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Sam · 3 years ago
Thank you for this article. I tried to find a free game like Minecraft, but I only found non-playable junk with a bunch of bugs and intrusive microtransactions. But I really liked the Realmcraft game from your list, it really is almost the same as Minecraft.