Successful People's Habits. What Gurus teach us. 160 Tips


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  • Published September 30, 2020
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Good habits help people achieve success.

Many gurus and some successful people try to teach us those good habits.

I collected 160 tips and divided them into seven categories.

This short guide makes you know what you would do to be a successful person. It teaches you simple but effective habits. Perhaps you already know them, but it is always better to keep them in mind.

I think that each of these tips does not need so many explanations, what they mean is obvious, simple, and intuitive to everyone.


Mind and Body Health





Social Life

Moral life


  1. Take care of yourself

  2. Put your body and mind first

  3. Rising early

  4. Personal care

  5. Wake up and exercise

  6. Start the day with a good sweat

  7. Eat breakfast

  8. Move your body

  9. Take several walks a day

  10. Walk while talking on the phone

  11. Walk in the park

  12. Get out of the office

  13. Give your eyes a rest

  14. Give yourself time to relax

  15. Go to bed early

  16. Do whatever it takes to get quality sleep

  17. Manage stress through extreme sports

  18. Work out for a strong body, which holds up a strong mind

  19. Start the day with meditation

  20. Empty your brain

  21. Feed your mind

  22. Silence

  23. Control emotions

  24. Remove fear

  25. Create a sense of calm

  26. Let music influence your mood

  27. Give yourself time to relax

  28. Proactively manage decision fatigue

  29. Be conscious of your health

  30. Listen more and talk less

  31. Unplug without a device


  1. Focus on positivity

  2. Positive attitude

  3. Believe that one amazing thing will happen every day

  4. Remind yourself that the future is not a solution to the present

  5. Tell the future you what to do

  6. Let go of the past

  7. Learn to forgive

  8. Clarity of your desires, goals, and vision

  9. Visualize

  10. Concentration

  11. Be self-critical

  12. Say motivational mantra

  13. Develop mindsets

  14. Have good intuition and instincts

  15. Engage in self-development daily

  16. Build confidence in your abilities

  17. Know your limits

  18. Pay attention to details

  19. Think like a customer

  20. Ignoring conformity

  21. Believe that time is money


  1. Use Sundays to plan out your week

  2. Protect your Sunday nights

  3. Organization

  4. Set goals

  5. Keep a ‘to-be’ list

  6. Use a checklist

  7. Have a primary goal

  8. Set high goals and never reduce them

  9. Always come back to the plan

  10. Own your schedule

  11. Ask yourself if it will matter in a day, week, month or year

  12. Spend time alone in the morning to set priorities for the day

  13. Deprioritize opportunities which don't fit with your goals

  14. Write down little tasks in the morning to clear your head

  15. Plan the minutes of your day

  16. Create the ideal daily routine

  17. Pick three things to do each day

  18. Start the day off early and quiet...and write

  19. Start the day with a small, meaningful win

  20. Focusing on your tasks and discipline, avoid wasting time

  21. Put in extra effort to stay organized


  1. Listen and learn

  2. Constant education and innovation

  3. Being a lifelong learner every day

  4. Avoid television

  5. Avoid gambling

  6. Be a reader

  7. Reserve an hour at the start of the day to read

  8. Read everyday

  9. Read a lot, but not for pleasure

  10. Read something for pleasure

  11. Get inspired by reading something inspiring

  12. Read about your industry and beyond

  13. Keep up on what's going on outside of yourself and your company

  14. Keep an idea journal

  15. Do what successful people do first thing in the morning

  16. Talk about ideas


  1. Take action

  2. Be action-oriented

  3. Be results-driven

  4. Get the ball rolling early

  5. Take risks

  6. Take calculated risks

  7. Save your focus work

  8. Actively remove distractions

  9. Follow your habits always

  10. Focus on yourself and your goals

  11. Start a single task

  12. Get competence in your key areas

  13. Look to different industries to develop your own unique business concepts

  14. Invert the traditional working hierarchy

  15. Do the boring stuff uncommonly well

  16. Do what you’re good at and passionate about

  17. Always do your best work

  18. Tackle your hardest daily or weekly task first

  19. Keep up your momentum

  20. Embrace failure and try again every time

  21. Make the most of your commute

  22. Avoid meetings and don't allow briefings

  23. Only check communications a couple of times a day

  24. Never leave any emails unread

  25. Wait before sending important emails

  26. Know when to stop working

  27. Don’t retire


  1. Be people-oriented

  2. Connect with others

  3. Communicate constantly

  4. Networking

  5. Share information

  6. Share ideas

  7. Surround yourself with positive people

  8. Surround yourself with individuals who are better than you

  9. See the potential in others

  10. Give the credit to others

  11. Want others to succeed

  12. Ask “How can I help?”

  13. Provide value to others

  14. Compliment

  15. Smile and talk to strangers

  16. Always make someone feel better, not worse

  17. Keep a sense of humor

  18. Having an accountability partner is extremely helpful


  1. Show gratitude

  2. Truly love life

  3. Dream big

  4. Be proactive, not reactive

  5. Accept responsibility

  6. Be self-disciplined

  7. Tune out distractions

  8. Avoid procrastination

  9. Don’t waste time

  10. Be honest with others

  11. Be honest with yourself

  12. Be resilient

  13. Never give up

  14. Treating failure like gold

  15. Making sacrifices

  16. Exercising consistently

  17. Check your pride

  18. Keep some balance in your life

  19. Never do promises which you can’t fulfill

  20. Adapt to what the present holds

  21. Understand the power of no

  22. Embrace change and new ideas

  23. Don’t spend too much time worrying about what other people are doing

  24. Have multiple incomes

  25. Don’t spend more than you earn

  26. Give Back

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