How to find windshields for your European vintage/classic car

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  • Published November 25, 2020
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Where can I source vintage vehicle windshields?

On the off chance that you need to locate a unique windshield for any vehicle, truck or other vehicle that was first made in the 20th century, you may become disillusioned. Auto glass norms have advanced much throughout that length of time, and original molds are not easy to come by. There are few specialists left that cater to vintage car glass.

All things considered, you might have the option to scour web listings and auctions, a nearby auto reclamation master or an classic vehicle club catering to your needs.

Does this mean I ought to have my vintage vehicle windshield specially designed?

Truly it does. Most auto glass experts can assist you with requesting the correct bit of glass dependent on the windshield measurements for your exemplary vehicle. It is useful to ask for a specialist to measure your vehicle's dimensions so you can provide them to a glass production company, so they can make a mold that guarantees a fit for your car.

What amount will an vintage vehicle windshield cost?

This relies upon the size and style of windshield that you need. Purchasing a unique windshield to introduce in a vintage vehicle will require significant investment and most likely be costly, since they are valued as old fashioned things. Moreover, the rarity and value of your car will likely play a role in the price. Prepare to pay thousands for glass if you have one of the rarer Italian classics. Requesting new, custom glass will most likely take less time and be more affordable than finding used original glass.

How would replacement glass affect my classic car insurance?

In the event that you are reestablishing a vehicle from a disaster area or from scrap, you don't need to insure it immediately. Check with a protection specialist or your neighborhood DMV equivalent about enrolling and guaranteeing a restored car. There are also special classic car insurance specialists that can cater to your needs. Since most classic cars are restored to some degree anyway, installing custom glass shouldn't affect the insurance premiums.

When you are driving a rare vehicle, protection should treat chips and scratches by offering full windshield substitution similarly as they would offer windshield replacement for some other vehicle.

For your European classic car glass needs, you can inquire the Finnish company "Sicurvetro Parabrezza" for information and see if they can be of any help in acquiring the glass you're looking for.

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