Habits that cost you money to change tires

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  • Published December 28, 2021
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Parking on uneven surfaces, parking too long in one spot, or slamming onto the sidewalk can all cause tire damage. Currently, many car owners do not have the concept of needing to protect or take care of their tires due to their long tire life, usually 3-5 years. In addition, tires are only external details, so many car owners think that they do not need to be cared for too carefully.

However, the failure to take care of the tires and some habits of using the car are inadvertently affecting the life and safety of the vehicle when operating.

Tire pump

Overinflating the tire can cause the tire to explode when it collides with a sharp object such as a stone, nail, or pavement. Even operating for a long time in hot weather can cause a tire to explode.

Meanwhile, underinflating will cause tires to wear quickly due to the large contact surface, especially when carrying heavy loads, in addition to affecting the rims and shock absorbers.

The manufacturer recommends that the tires should be inflated as indicated on the door stamp. In winter, they can be inflated more, in summer less than 0.1 kgf/cm2 (often called "weigh"). Do not change the tire parameters given by the manufacturer.


Many car owners have an unbalanced parking habit, which puts pressure on the different tires, leading to the wheels parked on the road surface being pressed, wearing out faster than the wheels parked on the sidewalk. This way of parking also causes the suspension to degrade unevenly.

Parking too close to the sidewalk will cause the tire to rub against the concrete and sharp positions can cause a tire to be torn or punctured. Some drivers even drive recklessly to the point of parking half the wheel on the road, half on the sidewalk, which will cause the wheel to be distorted.

Parking in the sun can also be harmful because rubber is more resistant to heat. Parking on uneven, steep terrain puts weight on uneven tires, which wear out faster.

Car owners should also note that if you park your car for too long without moving, you should inflate the tires more than recommended by the manufacturer, choose a flat place and should start the engine at least once a week.

Vehicle Operation

With universal tires that are only suitable for traveling in the city or on flat roads, do not carry too much weight for a long time, should not move on off-road roads with many rocks. Constant braking, continuous accelerator pedaling, and high-speed cornering can also cause tires to wear out faster.

Going quickly down a pothole or over a speed bump is also not the right thing to do. When subjected to great force and folding, tire wear, distortion or explosion is quite likely.

Car owners should also have tire maintenance habits such as tire rotation, dynamic balance for the safest and most effective tire operation.

My name is Jaime Teddy, I was born in 1991. I am a salesman for a car dealership.


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